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Social media turned into a virtual kitty party over Neha Kakkar’s “fake” pregnancy. People who usually claim, “We don’t stick our noses in anyone’s business!”, “We are progressive”, immediately turned into pados wali desi aunties they rant about online and started berating Neha Kakkar, one by one. Whether or not it was a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming song, people were audacious enough to board the judgemental train to continue the legacy of moral policing and pass judgment on her character. People who make her songs a hit are the same ones who shame her for singing similar kinds of songs.

Why are the netizens upset if she gets pregnant within two months of marriage or not? Are you supposed to take care of her child’s expenses? After rumours of her pregnancy, people who post about trust issues ought to put some of their trust in real people they can trust and not celebrities or random people online.

People make fun of nosy neighbors moral policing them, but comment on Neha’s feed and slut-shame her for “alleged premarital conception.” We are in the year 2020, when humankind discovered a vaccine for a deadly virus within months. We landed on the moon decades ago. Yet someone having sex before marriage is something our billion-odd population can’t comprehend.

Does our society’s moral fabric depend on personal judgements?

We need answers with empirical evidence to understand how the actions of two consenting adults can be anyone’s business. Neha’s pregnancy was a hoax, but how Netizens managed to transform into the aunts they scoffed at was purely classless. I’m amazed to see how the internet can almost shatter and spontaneously combust with real or fake pregnancy news from someone else. Thank god, it wasn’t real. Moral police will be out to whip Neha and her unborn.

Only if people were so quick to hold the party in power accountable, we would have a safer country to live in!!

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Stalwart Megatron
Stalwart Megatron

Stalwart Megatron has been writing on a variety of topics from a fairly young age and wishes to publish a novel (or five) someday. The quintessential 90’s kid loves to watch movies and listen to a varied spectrum of music. When he is not writing for us, he’s either exploring multiple galaxies in ‘No Man’s Sky’ or riding his bike into the night.

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