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Lately, I’ve had plenty of time to scroll down and up on social media. And, it has given me more insights on Verbal and Sexual Abuse Towards Women on Social Media.

Let’s start with what breaks my heart!

To see men’s comments on pictures/videos of women, or anything to do with women! Whether it’s a fully clothed woman, a teenager, a child, a celebrity, an influencer, everyone is sailing on the same boat. The nastiness in the comment box section of a woman’s content is just devastating. The bombardment of verbal and sexual Abuse towards Women on Social Media is baffling. 

Woman Wearing Blue and Brown Floral Dress

Pewdewpie, with his bobs and vagene video, already called it out. In this game, Indian men are frontline creeps.

So, irrefutably, all genders experience abuse and violence online. Still, the exploitation experienced by women is often misogynistic in nature. It has become an experience that is far too common. Men may forget to pay bills on time, pick up the child from school, get medicine from their mother, and certainly forget to truly be “the man.” However, they never forget to shame or sexualize, intimidate or degrade, belittle or silence, or threaten to rape or kill women. To insert specific references to women’s bodies right under their photos/videos is a regular ritual! 

And, if she says “STOP”!  Creeps make the best use of their limited vocabulary and shine on with nasty name-calling ((you bitch, slut, cunt). 

Understand Violence Against Women on Social Media

The subconscious intent behind such actions is to create a hostile environment for women. To no surprise, women have learned to block, report, and avoid such creeps as they wake up every morning with 500 creepy messages in their DMs/comment box, and god knows where else!

Why do women need to grow a thicker skin every time a man stoops to a level so low?

Women face a broad spectrum of verbal abuse, and violence that directly demeans their human rights. It is important to remember that online violence and harassment can occur in several ways.

Do you know that even international human rights standards emphasize that a form of gender-based violence is the concept of ‘violence against women’?

Different Forms of Violence Against Women on Social Media 

When women are easily accessible on social media, the verbal abuse and violence also spike. What’s disturbing is that you could be relaxing at home, outside working hours, and suddenly some asshole can give you a graphic threat of rape right into your hand’s palm. It is witnessed every day by the bazillion of women. Recent examples are Agrima Joshua, Shaheen Bhatt, Rhea Chakraborty, Alia Bhatt!

In a man’s imaginary world, he has the authority to question, reprimand, and sexualize unknown women on social media!! She is their property, in their fucked-up head!

What next is even more eventful!

When you get 200 threats of death or rape, you’ll only need one who really wants to kill or rape you. 

How does it feel to continually live in fear of your life?

In real life, to decipher a legitimate threat is easy. It’s easier to make an informed decision in those moments. Can’t carry out the same workout online because you don’t know who this faceless troll is!! Is it a real threat or a 12-year-old behind a keyboard seeking an escape? You are clueless. 

Boy in White Shirt Sitting in Front of Computer

Boy in White Shirt Sitting in Front of Computer

The sexist commentary towards women revolves around one and only perception. This bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about, this slut is too young, too stupid to really understand what’s happening.

So, it leaves people with only one option; to question a woman’s intellect in reference to her gender.

Understand Violence Against Women on Social Media

It always begins with ‘you should be in the kitchen,’ ‘go make me a cup of tea love,’ ‘you look so saxxy,’ ‘show me bobs ‘…but then it moves quickly onto her appearance and whether or not they ‘would fuck her’,’ and what kind of sex acts a woman would perform to satisfy random creeps online.

Honestly, a book matching Burj Khalifa’s height can be written about all the inappropriate comments, rape and death threats, examples and explanations of their bodies, sexual identity, and tenderness, general lifestyle, and activities of women by unknown creeps online.

The violence is more of a constant. 

And it’s disturbing when you recognize that it is so normalized that you don’t even notice it anymore. 

It is the volume of offensive content that makes it so crippling, corrosive, and unsettling. And the sheer amount of unwarranted comments and threats towards women.

Social media sites should prohibit terms in the comment box that are sometimes used to threaten or sexualize women, as men are rarely reproved.

It is only the women who have to hide, block, report, and to find ways to move on.

With every day that passes, men just get more creepy and creepier!

As a woman, I stand with my dignity and respect, against anything or anyone armed to shut me down! I am not playing this game, boo!

It needs to STOP!! And it will.


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