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How many times do we come across people shying away from the feminist label? A million times.

In response to why people hate feminism and the feminist movement, I personally hear a lot of “I don’t need female empowerment because I’m not weak.”  “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men.” “I don’t need feminism. I actually like cooking for my husband.”

Why people hate feminism

Feminists are put in a box and only thought of as bra-burning radicals who despise men. While the truth is being feminist has zilch to do with sexual orientation or discrimination of the male gender. Feminism is for all and comes from all different backgrounds and cultures to support equality and equity in general. Even though equality for all shouldn’t be up for debate; feminism as a movement gets many rights and wrongs. The basic concept of feminism invites eye rolls, bewilderment and raises eyebrows for various reasons.

Here are 10 critical reasons behind why people hate feminism and the feminists:

  1. Super angry and strong independent women in skimpy clothes fight for feminism to wear skimpier numbers, smoke puffs and joints and bash men in general when they meet up for cocktails.
  2. Feminists mostly play the woman or victim card to get the standing they don’t deserve. Equal opportunity was never the case. They simply don’t deserve it.
  3. Women are already at par with men, and there is hardly any need for grumpy feminists or the current women’s movement to keep going. It’s a total waste of time to stand for your rights.
  4. Feminism doesn’t go with the feminine vibe. If women asked for their rights in a soft-spoken, docile, and, requested manner, then people might have given it a thought. For 3 seconds.
  5. Feminism is purely for middle-class white women. And, certainly not a multicultural cause to fight against combat racism, sexism, classism, ageism, etc.
  6. It will eventually make men fall out of the grid without any governance, power, influence, control authority, and equal and economic opportunities under the feminism wave. Men might demote and replace women as second class citizens.
  7. The goal of feminism is to run the world and make others work as labourers on farms which could be one of the primary reasons for the hatred towards the concept of feminism.
  8. Some fear that feminism will turn around the wheel on traditions, religious beliefs, and established gender roles, which is extremely scary and intimidating for the patriarchal mindset.
  9. Feminism is much dreaded to bring about shifts in society, marriage, relationships, power dynamics, if and when women are on equal footing with men.
  10. Feminism stands for only women and harms men greatly in terms of their standing within or outside the boardrooms.

What exactly feminism does?

On the contrary, feminism liberates more men than women by breaking down the shackles put by society for both men and women. Under the wave of feminism, men have the liberty to be themselves and to escape the traditional masculinities to improve their mental health and overall quality of life. 

To think of a recent WHO study comparing 41 European countries can be an eye-opener for non-feminists. The study claimed that both men and women suffer from the sexual division of labour. Men get weaker and lonelier in more gender-unequal societies. In contrast, they’re happier with a life based on balanced gender roles. Both men and women sleep better in more gender-equal cultures, such as the Nordic countries. The above, a finding from a recent European study indicates that this is not just because our sleep is disrupted by waking responsibilities and pressures, but also because men take better care of themselves in a more egalitarian society. Men are half as likely to be depressed in more gender-equal cultures, less likely to commit suicide, about 40 per cent less likely to die a violent death, and much less likely to suffer from chronic back pain. Adolescent boys have less psychosomatic complaints in those countries and are more likely to use contraception.

In contrast to the stereotypes, one study showed that people experienced greater satisfaction in bed with feminist partners. All benefit from a more gender-neutral society. And, we wonder why people still hate the term feminism and the feminists.

If you got more reasons on the same, please add to the list.


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