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Ram Rahim Singh, Asha Ram, Radhe doll, Rampal, Nirmal dude and alike belong to the lineage of superheroes. You ask why? Look at their mindless mind-blowing following. These Con men are perfectly aware of what they are doing. oops…Godly men I meant. They know their game and audience. Yet, same superheroes suffer from a chronic backache and blood pressure when it’s time for court hearings. Singh and his friends have held on to massive followers regardless of allegations of criminality but supporters are willing to overlook crimes.

Who are these holy fucking figures for whom people are ready to die for? I understand and recognize a belief system, diktats, and usual leader-follower phenomenon but these “saints” breach the trust of their followers, repeatedly. These jokers spurt inanities as sermons and make movies that celebrate stereotypes.

Where do these people come from? Who are these followers? “Godmen” call themselves fakir and run a business empire, and stands for everything materialistic and yet people see nothing amiss. Wow, stab me. I understand that their followers seek solace from everyday struggles and injustices but would take bullets for jokers. Followers should get themselves checked. Their businesses and lives depend on Nirmal Dude and alike. That is exactly why my broke ass is sweltering due to the lack of baba dude.

Do you think these followers are rural, illiterate and dumb idiots? You do because that’s what urban elite venting on Facebook think and strongly believe in. I forgive you because you don’t know any better.

If you would have worked up your rationale, you would realize these rural dumb idiots can’t contribute to saint’s ever-growing wealth. It’s the rich that caters to human superheroes. Entrée to power is the key link, and also the key differentiator. People from all walks of life go and attend. These jokers provide sense of purpose and security to people frustrated with their lives. They give their followers all kinds of role models, idols rolled into one. They are Everyman’s Hero who does not conform. Apparently, they are Gods. Follower’s God.  They can form a state of their own like Sahara group if they pool their followers.

These pious men generally appeal to weaker willed and depressed castes of course but also middle class and service class people from upper castes section of the society because they find it hard to fathom class divide and mainly globalization. They like to be boxed in their own petite imprudent box.

Godmen are the perfectionists at filling the vacuum left by politicians. They broadcast their Ponzi welfare schemes – even basics such as affordable education and healthcare –and now provide coaching in sports too! Take a note, politicians.

When rich and affluent folks bow to jokers, quite literally in the form of kneeling, override humdrum public and lead depressed souls to believe in God men’s power in front of the system too. To weak, being part of the “alternate” religious clubs offers “equality, dignity and social justice.” Followers can lick their balls and feel empowered. They are valiantly nonchalant about the country because they believe that their messenger is above the law of this nation.

Godmen sect has found a base in India. In a rapidly industrializing country, “alternate religiousness” persists alongside swelling levels of education and improved economic prosperity. Sermons from religious teachers are radiated into homes on religious channels, and a number of self-styled “godmen” have accumulated fortunes selling branded products.

People buy into holy rhetoric because con men are charismatic speakers and make their followers feel part of a fraternity.

Since politicians and “godmen” have a co-dependent relationship and it’s up to courts now to expire the ascending of godmen over mere mortals. We must realize that fundamentalism breeds a hero or baba, and retains him at the nucleus keeps the believers under its guardianship. It feasts on believer’s hopes and hawks their dreams.

We do not deserve this. We are not meant to live like that. Do you see horrible evangelists offering solutions on TV by waving goodbye to reason and science? If only curbing ‘noodles’ could prevent rapes.

It is the season that we rise from the fandoms and stop defending fake people at the cost of our own life and property.

Our religiousness and spirituality should rather uplift us in a way so that any external power finds it unmanageable to avail us for their self-interest. Our sacred and spiritual belief system must not be mirrored onto the streets in the form of violence.

We are not directed to bulldoze our minds when they tell us to close our eyes.


Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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