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The same guy who introduced me to Murakami, a world of words and whatnot has himself marked this change by growing into an author. He is already a gripping blogger, charming poet, fearless writer and a full-time dreamer. This exceedingly funny and good-looking man has published his slim book with a fancy title as Neoteric Alliances in English on Amazon that is free to download, read and listen. It consists of only 13 pages so you can be a productive arse reader in no time and boast of your reading skills and penchance too. Nah, this is not sponsored at all; he is genuinely a mind-blowing writer. Also, I am a great best friend, just saying.

Remember the time when you were young? When you were in school, there was that one kid who wanted to be an astronaut. He blabbed on and on about his silly dream. You scoffed at him because you knew he wouldn’t be able to. After all, you are the narrator of this story. You are the narrator of every story. He was not a class topper. He barely passed his exams. You too weren’t one. Your marks nonetheless, were more than him, every time. Everyone told you that you are talented, that you will go on and do wonders with your life; that you will do a whole lot of shit that no one has ever done before.”

In this brief Novel; Two men: One is a flamboyant traveler and the other a regular day-jobber. They are poles apart but something connects them.

A refreshingly unorthodox tale is What I’d call the Neoteric Alliances.

You might have read a lot of books, from Murakami to Chinua Achebe but If 13 pages of this book would have been interleaved in any of Murakami’s novel. You wouldn’t have guessed that it was written by Mr. Siddharth Tyagi.

Yes, such is the quality of this Novelette.

I have always known and celebrated the fact that he had it in him because I have been his “test” reader since forever, even when he didn’t believe in himself so it’s a proud moment for me. Coming back to the book, please download the book, read, listen and share. This is the least you can do. 

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