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My spring rolls were recently opened, eaten, resealed & packed for delivery by a Swiggy delivery guy. I felt a rush of heavenly wisdom that maybe it is Swiggy Gold, you know, like Zomato Gold, where they check to make sure that the food is up to the mark for you as a recent viral video demonstrated.

In the era of nawabs, rajas, and maharajas, foods were tasted by the head khansama before it was served to the rajas. Maybe, the Swiggys and Zomatos of today are akin to the khansamas of the yesteryears.

Maybe, they are moving into the food tasting business. Who are we to judge? Please cheer them for this initiative because I think that wishing for unspoiled food that is packed hygienically and not been pre-tasted by the delivery guy is just too much to ask for, even when you are the one paying for it. The best part about this is Swiggy’s work ethic that apparently suggests a zero-tolerance policy for tampering of food.

I have to be the understanding one in this relationship because when I got in touch with the customer care to complain about the incident, they were casual enough to shoo me away by saying “Please understand, we will try to improve your next experience” after my many attempts to put my point across.

Another incident that recently grabbed the limelight was a video of Zomato guy eating food before delivering, to which internet emptied milk of human kindness. Frankly, I am as human as it gets. But my personal experience left me appalled to a point where I couldn’t objectively analyze the situation.

There are totally many more unprofessional food delivery guys in the network who might be doing something similar to what has almost turned into a trend! The delivery partners are the face and heart of the ever-growing food delivery platform in the country. The business has grown immensely over the last few years only to translate into a pseudo-high-quality food experience.

The most these food apps can do is suspend the delivery person involved in the incident with an immediate effect.

That, however, doesn’t solve the problem because someone else will lick the spoon clean and put it back effortlessly the very next hour.

In closing, I would like to thank Swiggy for ensuring that the food was opened, eaten, resealed & packed perfectly rather properly cooked or tastes well. Don’t forget to reward the delivery guy for his extra effort for tasting. His act will definitely boost your business in the long run. Amazing Quality check and control by Swiggy.

Thumbs up! Taste the Blunder! Woohoo!

P.S. It is a problem for all of them to solve and solve fast because once credibility is lost it can not be regained.

Stalwart Megatron
Stalwart Megatron

Stalwart Megatron has been writing on a variety of topics from a fairly young age and wishes to publish a novel (or five) someday. The quintessential 90’s kid loves to watch movies and listen to a varied spectrum of music. When he is not writing for us, he’s either exploring multiple galaxies in ‘No Man’s Sky’ or riding his bike into the night.

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