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The ocean of imagination knows no bounds with Author Gaurav Sharma. He strikes again with a masterpiece that is a classic work of historical fiction. His second novel and first mythological fiction “God of the sullied” is a mishmash of Indian philosophy and history. One of the many reasons his writings interest you is because of his endearing imagination, flawless character building and kickass taste in cover design.

Published by Delhi based Think Tank Books, “God of the sullied” is a story about an underachieving, innocent and as they say a cursed child, who eventually, conquers the world and demolishes the evil. The book is well researched and has a curve that will take you to the heights of excitement while engaging you through glory, struggle, battlefield, corruption, and the list goes on. The story revolves around ninth century in India, just after the sudden demise of Adi Shankaracharya – a time when a unique and exotic Ikshavaku tribe lives somewhere in Rudraputra. Their scion, Eklavya, as per the predictions of a high priest, will take birth with a purpose of demolishing the evil from the earth. The child is declared mystic. However, he would later be clutched in the hands of Kali, the darkness. However, the prophecies of him conquering the world and ending Kaliyuga made before his birth became true.

The novel is all over the place and available in both paperback and e-book version worldwide for you to seize a copy.

What sets this brief novel apart is the tone – intense & characterful. This is a very easy book to read. The author writes well with true clarity and depth. The novella has a style of its own, with almost every sentence beginning on a new line. The sentences build on each other, play off each other, and resonate around each other like jazz riffs.

One of the finest parts is that the author has put a list of characters and important terms in an alphabetical order in the beginning itself.

The author has already started working on his next project “Long Live the Sullied“, a sequel to God of the Sullied which is in the final stage. It can be expected in 2019. Currently, he is debating between writing another novel and translating God of the Sullied into Hindi.

I would tell you that it is a zip-zap-zoom read. You have to finish in one go else you will turn into a curious cat. And, curiosity killed the cat so read it in the first go and leave a quick review on Amazon to archive your words in the history of mankind?

My favorites from the book are as follows:

I was born along with the Brahman. I was there when nothing was, I am here when nothing is, and I will be present in all years to come.

Before I tell you, how bright the future will be, I want to ask if you are ready to evolve with the time? If yes, then behind yesterday’s success, today’s victory and tomorrow’s conquests there is only one strategy, and that is, change. Change, first in your thoughts and then in your actions. If you are with me, then the time is on your side. Then whatever the times may be, you will succeed.”

Find out yours by grabbing a copy.

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