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Fear is like that annoying relative.

Wise folks out there chat about how fear is just a state of mind. And, Mr. Napoleon Hill said so as well. To me, fear is like that bothersome and pesky relative that follows you far and wide like a shadow and grows resistant to your rejection methods. My fears are severe. Oh, that kinda rhymed. I don’t want to be narcissistic again but escaping your galling shadow is not easy when it’s soaring on your head. It governs you, upsets and suppresses your inner feelings and overt behavior. Fears come in different forms and degrees just like us human species. Apparently, we are more alike than different. Fear contrasts from person to person and it can be eccentric. Overcoming fears is certainly not a cakewalk and munching cliché readings all over the internet doesn’t work either. You stop feeling zealous in the attendance of fear.

Now, is it wrong to have fears? Absolutely, no. We wouldn’t be human without our fears. Fears make us mortal but letting them override our minds makes us rather sad and dangerous.

I personally believe that there is nothing more essential than our mental and physical well-being. We must do only the best to keep our body, mind, and soul healthy. Healthy particularly doesn’t mean a bed of roses and all happy go lucky. It means an amalgamation of positive and negative.

You must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that your energy and mental health are both in order. I wouldn’t typically tell you to identify your fears first as that’s just out of the context. You exactly know what you are afraid of. Face it like it’s smaller than you and you can nail it. You are the protagonist of your life. You have the power within to beat all the odds. And, hey, you really are the star of your life. You shape it, you cultivate it, and you nail it on top. Nothing is greater than you. Not bookish at all, it’s true.

You will exhaust your fears if you think you can. When you know what troubles you, you get rid of it just like your senseless ex. Jokes apart, all it demands some courage and action. Stop compensating your fears rather focus on your strength and willpower to defeat daunting fears.

There must be some activities you are fond of Yoga, Meditation, Religious practices, Music, Physiotherapy, Dance, Cooking, Reading and what not. The sky is the limit. I am more than sure; it will not only benefit you but make you more joyful because I have also been there and conquered it.

Be open to all. Yes, you read that right. Bare your fears to your family and close friends. It’s better to share than anchoring it on your own for no fault of yours. Why let yourselves go through something that doesn’t let you have what you deserve, peace and happiness. Dump and flush your fears when they control you.


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