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I intend to talk about rather something very close to our temperament. You’re probably thinking that… and you’re right. Water and Power do determine our mood for the day. How will your day go if you don’t have water and power when you wake up in the morning?
I am aware of AAP’s growing force, its chances to win in Goa and Punjab; it’s fundamentally anti system force. Good luck to them. I really appreciate AAP for its charismatic appearance. But, that’s not all what I am anxious about today. Given the nature of their campaign and promises of cheap electricity and free water besides the anti-corporate line, this conclusion by the chief minister made sense at the time of elections. Unquestionably, they have done more or less for healthcare and education sector. They speak up unlike other swanky and affluent parties. (Commendable if you ask me).
Mr Kejriwal connects with ordinary public. He is cute. (Yes) He is witty (Just watch his interviews on YouTube, Now!!). And he tries his level best to appease downtrodden sections of the society. Why?  Because I think the AAP ideology is to stand by the downtrodden. As a result, why are we all suffering misplaced promises of cheap electricity and free water?
These protests outside Mr kejriwal’s house for electricity and water are all staged by elites of BJP and Congress to create a political debacle. But Delhiites in real face it day after day unless you are living in posh well off areas of the capital city. (Lucky people, you won’t connect with this write-up) Although, we face water shortage and long power cuts early in the rush hour to take a bath, to get ready, to cook food, to wash clothes and much much more. Power cuts of stretched hours for children who have exams next day or hard working employees trying to make presentations for tomorrow’s meeting and likewise. I was just talking to little children of my society a few days ago and they told me how they used to study under street lights before but now, even those don’t gleam enough and by the time they do, kids are asleep. Because they get tired playing in the “dark”. I can’t even begin to write about the state of marginalized section of the society. We already see them around ourselves all the time so, you know. Well, what does this all mean? So what is the significance of this?  Basic amenities?? Well….
The mounting dues of Delhi’s power distribution companies triggered an electricity crisis in the city. The Delhi government then considered revoking the licenses of BSES discoms due to their “dismal” performance. The great Delhi Government then asks to Submit Roadmap For 24×7 Supply to power companies. Who suffers between all the comedy between Discoms and Delhi Government, DG and LG, DG and Modi ji, DG and everybody else? We do. We don’t care about the trifles. Children don’t. Their parents didn’t when they voted for the party. We (they) voted for basic amenities. (I didn’t vote for AAP). Don’t blame me.
Delhi the capital of India is reeling under mismanagement in electricity and water for which the citizens have to bear. So let me start by… explaining the background.
Ever since privatization and introduction of private Discoms to distribute power in Delhi we have been hit by regular clamor for increasing rates as discoms are suffering huge losses. Citizens know the connection between the politicians and the two discoms. Before privatisation, Delhi government was supplying electricity at Rs.3 per unit and after privatisation prices have jumped to Rs.6/unit approx. This is also not enough as per discoms who are hankering for more. Any who, I don’t want to get into pricing. Further MCD areas have to subsidize for the NDMC area where VIP’s are residing by 30% approx. Why – can anyone give me the reason???? Why cannot we nationalize the Electricity Distribution as privatization has not yielded the benefits? Where is the inefficiency??? More with the politicians rather than the employees.
Numbers of people I know have opted for Solar panels. Easy huh? They are rich people so they can okay. We can’t.
WATER; Every day Delhiites are longing for clean water and it is a shame that even after so many years we citizens have to cry for water which is a fundamental right of every citizen.  For every ill plaguing the state government has one solution – PRIVATIZATION!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A REASON TO PASS THE BLAME FROM GOVERNING TO PRIVATE COMPANIES AND ALSO A MAJOR SOURCE OF CORRUPTION. Government has increased water prices by double and still yearns for more. SURE, BUT WHERE IS WATER?????
Major reasons for shortage of water is: All water bodies in Delhi are non-functional. Sewage plant does not function practically though on paper it is functional. Rain water harvesting is not done. Wastage of water at DJB centers leading to private tankers having a field day. Yamuna is a hot bed of sewage and muck whereas should have been a source of water. All canals via near Patpargunj etc are sewage outlets hence water cannot be stored.
Solutions: We know them already. Water bodies to be revived. I know that’s UNLIKELY. Look at the amount of water pollution we have caused. Sewage flow from colonies to be diverted from the water bodies, canals and Yamuna to the sewage treatment plant which should function round the clock. Rain water harvesting should be made compulsory for all construction. Stop wastage of water and regulate Delhi Jal Board to make it efficient.
and, we have to collectively take a stand for our rights and lose this chalta hai attitude kyunki bina beejli paani kuch bhi nhi chalta hai. Aayi baat samajh me?

Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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