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#Absamjhautanhi, a new viral video exemplifies snippets of regular, everyday statements that a modern Indian makes in a day. #AbSamjhautaNahin shows the effect on our words, on our choices, on our decisions and reactions, that women today are a victim of judgments, of gender stereotyping, of subconscious body shaming and moral policing, more so today, than ever. I don’t come to an understanding with many of the points made here.
In addition, I truly appreciate Amitabh Bachchan, one suave man. The quality of swag he possesses is owned by none other in the Industry. I feel the conception is empowering. I also feel that it is as well another way to promote PINK.  Moreover, there is no point of Launching #absamjhautanhi on Social media as it doesn’t copiously serve the purpose of educating men who are simply not mindful of what social media is. To say that women in India have it tough is an obvious understatement. But even within the female population, there are severely marginalized sections which don’t connect with Social media. Any who, moving onto the video.

  1. However, this is a point so well made since it is the one faced on a regular basis. Anything can be expected from an auto driver. You can get a free ride and a nice conversation about his kids or an abuse and being cheated.
  2. Okay, who tells you to work for one more year and settle down? Do “people” tell you to do that? Why would you care about people if you are already smashing in life and earning big bucks to survive? Correspondingly, a working pair can only pay for this expensive inflationary life. Not just the “Man”. As a result build an empire together.
  3. I appreciate that this point has been finally addressed somewhere on the internet. Many of the population do confront “cultured” dispute. Yes, counting Boys too. It’s just further enforced on girls for a simple reason because girl’s character report has to be sent to universe for further analysis. What a shame!!
  4. So, putting on red lipstick in a meeting is not recommended for a woman? Ohh…Is it the same way how men are commended to shave, wear blazers, button up sleeves and shirts to go for a meeting? They are called work ethics, a professional code for everybody. Gender stereotypes are against men too. We all face it. Man Woman kya hota hai? Grow up.
  5. Wage gap has been spoken already in international forums. And, I unconditionally endorse it. We will keep speaking about the same so long as it doesn’t become a reality.
  6. NO, Teachers don’t teach that. Even Teachers make fairly a lot of moolah. So their paisa gol gol too? And, FYI, Men make amazing gol rotis. At least, some do. We are gradually progressing.
  7. So, Men only pick up shopping bags of their wives after wedding. It’s just witticism. Don’t get snubbed by everything. Do you read about murders because of hooting on the road? Yes, People get offended for real reasons.
  8. The next one, beyond doubt, is spot-on. Women get cracked snarky gazes all the time because their legs, arms, faces, whatnots are showing. This happens a great deal. I don’t even shave or wax my legs only to avoid that.
  9. Consequently, all the girls are taught to cook when they “grow up”. Why? Is it their liability to cook food??? NOOOO. They have to feed themselves when they get hungry and to be self-sufficient. Anybody who can get hungry can cook as well. Simple Enough. Don’t pity starving men. Let them learn on their own. They merely can’t order from outside each day. They will go bankrupt.

Gender stereotyping, subconscious body shaming and moral policing, and so much more are encountered by men too. Remember fat shaming episodes of Fardeen khan, Adnan Sami, Karan Johar, Ganesh Acharya and more? And Moral policing? The most knowledgeable of us might reserve final judgments for a post experience period, but on a temporary basis at least, “We all judge a book by its cover”. Why else would they bother making good covers? People often tend to assume their right to pass judgement and enforce it purely based on the assumption that they know better.
Most celebrities sway mainstream population of a nation, but to endorse their film projects. Why don’t they address real subjects afflicting our women?
In a world where gender justice is steadily gaining ground, we want healthy and reasoned perspectives to be propagated.

Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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