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Can we call 2020 the pandemic year? Yes? Okay. So, the pandemic year was challenging, and definitely something out of the syllabus of our dreamland. Did you ever imagine spending a year within four walls of the home? Of course, it’s not normal to imagine such scenarios. But we had to abide by this new norm for the safety of ourselves and the people around. It is the nature of human beings to travel, to socialize, and to explore new things. Being quarantined is an overwhelming lifestyle for all of us. Although we generally live an exhausting life with many activities and hustling around. A life crammed into the impenetrable walls isn’t really a vibrant experience, but this year was like a relaxing vacation without a plan. Did you have any realizations during the pandemic? If yes, then what are your top 4 realizations during the pandemic?

When the quarantine period began in 2020, the first few days at home were filled with numbness for many. It was beyond comprehension how a sudden outbreak could have such a profound effect on the entire world. But we knew that we had to go on, and thus the infamous home life began. With time, many things happened. Tragic news has been around us. There was considerable difficulty in adjusting to an outgoing work life to be readjusted from being at home. Most important realization of this year was a need of self-corner.

Check out 4 realizations during the pandemic. 

Nature is there to help.

4 ways to boost your productivity in 2021

What a small garden or few flowering plants can do to bring a little relaxation into our exhausting lives.

Plants are always a source of good energy, and having your own little garden is the best way to keep active. Nurturing the plants while giving yourself some time to relax is an excellent way of relieving stress. When the flower blooms in your small plant, it provides a different kind of happiness and peace. Or when there is a cool breeze, and you sit at the balcony surrounded by plant releasing good air, it is definitely helpful to relax from the routine life cycle. It is the place to be when you have back pain or headaches from a long working period. Even if you work from home, there is still some ongoing stress with the workload and the frustration of not meeting your colleagues and not being able to maintain a consistent tempo of work with an invisible virtual connection. To get out of this tiring zone, consider having an open-air office in your balcony. 

Books are your best companion.Realizations during the Pandemic Books

Reading books can be an excellent diversion for the mind. In the early days, we were generally preoccupied with work, social life, virtual entertainment, and long traffic jams also took a majority portion of the day. Now that we do not have to travel much, we can help ourselves with the exciting reading experience. Make a novel your next travel destination. You will undoubtedly feel as if you are traveling at every page of the book. It will also help brush off the jetlag of our mind from the monotonous routine cycle.

Love yourself and give it a stretch of activeness.

exercisePhysical fitness is essential for keeping your mind fresh. Yoga and meditation are the safest and most effective forms of exercise. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods to keep your organs healthy. It is necessary to remove the muscles’ stiffness and the nerve endings with a good session of meditation and yoga. Give yourself an hour every day and find a comfortable and silent corner at your home, which could be your regular go-to space for relaxation and freshness.

Keep in touch without the touch.

It’s a stressful time as we don’t get to spend as much time with our friends as we did in earlier times. As long as this does not lead to a distancing of the bond and emotional attachment. I look for small conversations over phone calls and maybe a short meet up with a physical distance. If you are going out for any day-to-day work like grocery shopping or any other necessary work, try to steal a few moments when you are out for any work and can meet your friend afterwards.

Here are my top 4 realizations during the pandemic! Don’t forget to share yours in the comments below.

And, remember, one day, this pandemic will also be over. We must make the distancing from the virus, not from the warmth of bonds and happy moments. Keep your peace and relive every moment on your pace while keeping the disease at bay.

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Nur Sadiyat
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