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Don’t we always wonder why things are the way they are? I do more than I should. We often ask the same question to ourselves through ups and downs of life.

Our life is essentially guided by our thoughts. Everything we do and has been done in life has been steered by your thoughts. We don’t always feel the same as it can seem like some external factor is in control, maybe the parents, school, education, career, partner, financial condition, something?

This post has nothing to do with The Secret. But, do whatever works for you. The Boat needs to be floating.

We are everything right now what we believed in our whole life. We become what we always want to with our own set of beliefs and fundamentals. We exercise them in our regular lives while rationalizing our decisions for the best of our interests. The distinction between knowledge and belief are not the same. And, still, our entire life is channeled by our minds. We change too with the change in our belief system.

But, realistically, we don’t turn into an anaconda thinking we are one. Our beliefs change and grow with us every so often. However, beliefs do bring a revolution in our mindset and lives. Ironically, our dreams come to life only after believing in ourselves. And, we also arrogate what we believe in because our mind is poised with the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious. The conscious mind is the chunk that does the thinking, worrying, planning and creating. It is an elfin part of the structure; while the subconscious is the looming bulwark, a colossal entity with unbelievable powers and potentials. Its matchless characteristic is that it can craft anything that we command it to construct, by virtue of our thoughts.

You have to believe in yourself to achieve something. If you believe that you cannot accomplish something, if you believe that you cannot have something, the subconscious will create conditions, so that your beliefs are proved. To give our lives a makeover, it is very important that we pursue the subconscious.

The portrait that we paint of ourselves is embraced by our subconscious. The subconscious is there to submit to you, to obey you. Its verdicts are to be made by you as a master. We can make amendments in our lives at any time, but the intent must be there, else nothing will happen.

Just for the sake of this article, take a moment right now to reflect on your life. How do you want it to be? What do you really want to do with the short amount of time you’ve been blessed with on this planet? Do you want to change the world? Become rich? Become a father/mother? What do you really want?

We only become what we think. We are so enough on our own.

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