Greetings for the Twenty Year Old: From One of the Midwives
                                                                                       Vina Mazumdar (2002)

You are twenty, going on twenty-one, soon you will think you are old,
All who surround you, steer and guide you, some not so young, nor bold.
You are a rover, without any cover, not even a permanent home.
Many who love you, want to settle you, within the walls of a room-
Because they believe in – order and ruling
Filing and accounting order.

Records are needed, as and when heeded
To avoid in the future – disorder.

But you, my darling, were born without a farthing —
To challenge a powerful system,

The symbol of a hope, for many who were broke
But believed they could transform the system
Not through destruction, but persuasion,
Carrying the torch for knowledge –
Through research and teaching, action, debating —
Enriching young minds with courage.

Structures these days, age faster than earlier,
And become homes without people,
With declining rationale, sponsors and personnel
The life-force moves away — as natural.
Life is dynamic, Knowledge not static. 

‘Tis a mistake to tie them down.
Challenge especially, needs strategically
New thrusts, ways and not frown
On changing methodology, for order and maintenance
Of records, history and the spirit –
Of moving on gracefully, welcome affectionately
New people ready to (wo)man  it. Retain your youth, and remain a rover
Keep on challenging the system!
Systems — though obdurate, hesitant and cussed —
Know they must bend to the wind.

Fanning that wind is your raison d’etre —
Think up new ways to do it better.
Monolithic models hid most of our reality,
Bharat darshan opens doors to diversity

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