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From Mine To Yours

I am so bored to death at work
aren’t we all just some
Random corporate jerks?
I totally think my boss is
just another clerk.

I am left with nothing but
some desk job fat.
I retain diplomacy and
throw myself out of the box.

Poetry without rhyme
for me, is an amusing pass time
for I, who aborted some Literature mime

I read somewhere that if you want to rebel against corporate overlords, engage in capitalism. They treat all like subhuman garbage. Many of them simply don’t see things the way you do. The sadder part is some people are just pseudo-corporate jerks but still behave like the natural light of human reason.

I am here to let loose my inner bitch regarding the pseudo-corporate culture in India because it is shitty at its best. Like you could only choose among extremely bad, insufferable, and excruciating.

Time ain’t precious for some!

Now, ain’t time the most valuable coin in your life? Despite the fact that, sometimes your office hours are spent listening to an asshole superior abusing his family on the phone or being cheeky and erratic with employees. Apparently, he is menstruating at all times. Traditional working hours and days are set as per his “temper”.

One slave is no better or no worse than another to them. Well…if you treat everyone like shit, I guess that’s technically equality.

There is nothing more strictly defined than the office hours abroad. While people in India generally stay back late to lick ass (I am not sure what other reasons are). Staying back is a norm and being an ass-licker can apparently be good for your career.

It is a known fact those Spending 14 hours a day at the office can’t take their commitments and degrading health seriously. Good luck, guys!

Why can’t people treat work as work? Why won’t they just come and leave on time and get back to their personal life? I look at it through the prism of behavioral psychology. Again, if people up the ladder are themselves sappy and worn out. They are not eligible to be the front runners.

Mean girls

Now, Contrary to the prevalent belief, women are not only catty creatures they’re made out to be. I recently had an epiphany in office that Men can be equally or more catty than women. They can be meaner than the mean girls. They are the perfect (Madhuri’s voice) bitch twin. Like this one fat ass in my office. People must realize the significance of their stature and behave accordingly when they are up the ladder. It becomes even more vital to let others into your sphere and help them learn by just letting them be.


One of the things I have learnt in my brief but kickass professional journey is to buoy up everyone be a specialist at what they do. When the organisation tastes success, it invests in the right people and empowers them to do their jobs well. As they say, “Give them the tools and then get out of their way.” Many can be found learning, and developing themselves—and that is dope.

Confidence is underrated!

Shyness and fear won’t do shit. A voice is desirable in meetings and various bumpy situations. Most women abroad work for a large part of their lives, unlike in India where there still is, to an extent, a masculine work tapestry, with men being the sole breadwinners.


Wouldn’t it be nice if people treated each other respectfully and sincerely? I love seeing how people interact with each other in a dignified yet relaxed manner. It feels better with empowering personalities and interesting mindsets similar to yours—open, warm, friendly, and not cut-throat and cold. Who am I kidding? We are not living in an ideal world. Hope is the thing with the feathers.

Work vibes = Good vibes

You feel better when you know you are heard, understood and valued. A blend of good energy is needed to create an efficient and productive work culture even in pseudo-corporate culture in India. The real leaders give everyone in the room an opportunity to speak and solicit opinions from even the timid ones.

I personally think that Innovation can only be driven with an open communication and thinking out of the box. Bottom-up thinking is encouraged with engaged employees as they feel a sense of influence and authority. My impression of the business leaders is uniformly positive. I am sure we are all constantly impressed with the deep thoughtfulness, wisdom and spiritual qualities of the people we have been so fortunate to meet. Ultimately, it is the beliefs and behaviors of the organization that are the essence of work culture.

We must surround ourselves with people that help broaden our horizons, enhance our worldview, and also help us discover the finer nuances of life. A clarity in the understanding can tailor-make our approach while communicating with a global audience on both personal and professional level.

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