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Why Do We Need “Feminism”?

Feminists do not believe women are better than men, or that women deserve special privileges. They do not believe women are victims. In order to be considered a feminist, you only need to be on board with one idea: All humans, male and female, should have equal political, economic and social rights. (Go to my very first post and read about Rights that are denied to women even after centuries).

Our Cinema talks about women looking for freedom. But, how many men in our society have a chance to do that? They are made to bear the burden of earning a living even before they can understand what it means to work for a living. It’s an unjust situation for both men and women. It doesn’t justify Equality at all.

Somebody recently discussed with me, “when men get sexually objectified by women all over, nobody bats an eye. But when women get sexually objectified, everyone loses their mind.”

Ok. Good point. I agree. But then heaps of thoughts in my mind came up abruptly and I wriggled to bring together some of them. So, how many songs have been written and films made about women being drooled over, stopped in their tracks, harassed, raped, assaulted, stalked, publicly humiliated and used as a commodity compared to men, especially in Indian movies?

  1. How many news writings have been reported about women being assaulted for wearing flimsy clothing? for “asking for it” or for “tarnishing the family honor” or “disobeying religion“? or for saying “NO” to a guy trying to dance (basically rub his crotch on her) with them at the club?
  2. How many men have been scarred for life by women’s lust, physically, sexually and mentally, compared to women? I definitely don’t discount that they’re not, but how many in comparisons? Less or more?
  3. How many sexual offers and nude pictures do men get from women just based on his Facebook display picture, compared to what women get from men?
  4. How many ads have been published through history that tells people to keep men “in their place” compared to those made about showing and keeping women in their place?
  5. How many stealthy videos are there on YouTube of men changing in trial rooms and hotel bathrooms, compared to women?
  6. How many men have been blackmailed with nudes compared to women, by men? I am sure they’ve been but how many?
  7. How often have female domestic help workers been raped and sexually assaulted, or threatened by male employers, compared to male domestic help workers by women in the facility?
  8. How many lewd item songs have been made about men and their body parts, and sung at them nearly every time they step outside or board public transport?
  9. How many “drooling women” have thrown acid on the faces of the men they wanted but couldn’t have as compared to men doing the same?
  10. How often do you see pregnant South Asian women covering their bellies with a scarf or loose clothing in public, compared to men scratching their privates at the bus stop or roads?

So, the answers to all of those must be “Women face all of those more in comparison to Men“, if you are living in a real world. The sexual objectification of Men by women hardly ever results in them being attacked, acids thrown at their face, killed, and raped on buses by women, whereas women’s sexual objectification is an everyday battle that has no expiration. We face it in our homes, among our families, in schools, in religious spaces, at malls, on TV, in public transport, in private transport, or even while taking a simple walk clad in the un-sexiest, “least sexually objectifying” clothing to the grocery store. And, That is why, We need Feminism, for all the traditional and right reasons.

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    1. I have also read about how vast majority of Americans believe in equality for women in the workplace and the home, yet refuse to call themselves “feminists”. I think their distrust actually represents an indictment of modern day feminism. The term “feminism” has been hijacked by a minority of extremists who have redefined it as “gender feminism”, which has led to abhorrence towards the term.

      1. How interesting. I’ve never noticed these extremists during my travels in progressive circles. I’ve only heard conservatives yell about them so I assumed they were straw men (or straw women) arguments made up only to “prove” how bad feminism was. I always thought I was a rather far left guy. Guess I need to get out more.

    1. I am glad if that is the case. Thank you very much. We are so high on labels these days that we have to bring them into play to justify our pure intentions. 🙂

  1. If only all the feminists out there came to know of this post and learnt from here. Most of them just go overboard and pursue silly things in the name of feminism. I do fully agree with the gender equality point of view. But still, people in general should know what they are fighting for instead of just going with the crowd.

    1. I positively agree to you. People are still oblivious to the dynamics of “feminism”. I am not a fan of the term but we still require labels for people to identify us with the issues we feel strongly feel for. Women need not bring it into play every time to substantiate trivial things, rather let it aid and assist us to provide overall well-being to women. Thank you for stopping by and raising your hand in harmony with me. Appreciate it.

  2. Excellent post, well captured points. Wanted to add a few.
    – Feminism is simply seeing women as humans. Women are not goddesses. They do not need to be put on a pedestal (in fact this is another way of harming women by creating unrealistic and unfair expectations on them). They make mistakes and they should be allowed mistakes, because they’re human.
    But as humans, they must have the same rights. So, feminism is about rights, not privilege.
    Feminism is also good for men because men do not have to be considered weak for being sensitive, for having anxiety or depression, for failing, or for not earning x amount or pursuing unconventional fields or for simply being human. Feminism allows men to be caring and empathetic and enjoy being connected and sees these qualities as healthy rather than weak.
    Misogyny demonizes not just women, but also men, who are forced to be these macho, robotic, unfeeling wierdos, who must “man it up” and wreak havoc on the world through aggressions and wars because they must “get angry” when things don’t go their way and to “working with people” is “weak” and “unmanly”. Misogyny punishes women for being independent and men for being empathetic.
    -Thus, feminism humanizes not just women but also men. The world will be an emotionally healthier place if men don’t have to be macho and women don’t have to be weak and everyone is just allowed to be human.

    1. I love it when somebody writes a huge comment to express them over a subject. Each and every word speak directly to my heart. There is not one sentence I don’t agree with. No one needs to be on a pedestal but truly how they are. There shouldn’t be unrealistic expectations from either side. Thank you, Priya, for warming my heart with your considerate and thoughtful words.

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