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2020 was a year of lockdowns, and you haven’t been out and about on dates in a long time. You used to crush on a high school girl who asks you to check out her new OnlyFans. You don’t know what to do, but you do it anyway. You immediately grab your credit card and subscribe to her account, having no regrets about it. 2020 may not be as bad as it looks. 2020 was a year of OnlyFans but some are still wondering what is OnlyFans and how does it work? Well, here is the rundown of what exactly it is!

What is OnlyFans?

In 2016, Timothy Stokely launched OnlyFans, a paid subscription based platform where content creators worldwide can connect exclusively with their fans. OnlyFans allows people to post photographs and videos and directly message their users, but unlike Instagram, they can do it without any restrictions or guidelines. Therefore, most of the creators on the platform make their money by producing adult content. Even though OnlyFans is not limited to online sex work, this article will primarily explore the platform’s role in the adult entertainment industry.

How does it work?

To start an OnlyFans, the platform must verify the person’s identity to gain followers and begin posting. Once they upload a photo of themselves with valid identification, they can start posting pictures and videos, but nobody can see them unless they choose to subscribe to them at a fee they decide. Most users charge $9.99 per month, but they can charge as little or as much as they like or even make the account free. Users get full access to the content once they subscribe. They also get to message the model directly to chat and purchase exclusive content not available on the homepage. By doing so, content creators can earn even more money and set the price of their content at any time. They can show their fans as much or as little as they like and charge what they like.

However, starting an OnlyFans is not an easy endeavor. It is really hard to succeed on this platform if the person does not already have any existing fans on another platform. Most people who want to start an OnlyFan have to rely on Instagram, where their content is instantly shadowbanned, and they lose access to their clientele. Whereas celebrities like CardiB and Bella Thorne can rake in thousands of OnlyFans followers instantaneously. For the average OnlyFans model, maintaining a fan base requires a lot of effort, consistency, and commitment. The OnlyFans platform takes 20% of a model’s total earnings, so if a model cannot maintain a fan base as expected, they are severely underpaid for their time and may have to shut down their pages. This is because similar to larger platforms like YouTube, the top earners make up a small percentage while over half of the other creators make little to nothing. Even though people can sign up under an alias and hide their identity, there is still such a huge risk of being discovered which seems less worth it if the money is not rolling in. However, with the right attitude and commitment level, it is possible to become successful!

Why is OnlyFans trending?

2020 was financially tough for many people, which is why starting an OnlyFan group had become such a huge trend. The potential to make money is there because so many people are working and living at home all day seeking more intimate connections online and willing to pay for it. Sending nudes isn’t dead, but OnlyFans has provided a platform for people to do it safer and get paid for it. This platform’s recent popularity has also helped break the stigma of online sex work like camming or filming porn. Creating an OnlyFans comes with its risks, but there is also a sense of empowerment and fulfilment for women and men worldwide who can now post uncensored and unrestricted content and make money from it. Also, now you know what OnlyFans is and how it works!



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Kirstin Corbett
Kirstin Corbett

Kirstin Corbett is a professional communicator dedicated to promoting new sustainable initiatives and technologies. Her background in Anthropology and Communications can explain her passion for writing about social injustice issues, as well as the cultural impacts of new technologies. Her goal is to educate and enlighten others through the content she creates.

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