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Indian Independence Day is an important national holiday, marking the seminal moment when the nation became a free bird. This was proclaimed formally on August 15, making this India’s 72nd Independence Day. But What happens after Independence Day?

India as a nation makes up complex and wealthy socio-cultural aspects that provide a unique and distinct image of a colorful cultural nation. Each society in the world has its social issues unique to its society. And so does Indian society.

India’s social problems are majorly ingrained in the religious practices and beliefs of its people. We can trace almost all forms of social problems back to the religious and cultural aspects of the nation.

Following social problems are developed in a long period of time and are still continuing in one form or another.

1. I hold a massive grudge against this one. Flags bought to embody the inner patriotism can be seen thrown around frantically leading to the loss of respect and a rise in the litter. Therefore, dogs and other animals feast on the plastic paper of the flag. Children learn and grow up to be just like other pseudo-patriotic.femonomic

2. Poverty is not just a state of mind, but a sad state where a household cannot meet its fundamental survival requirements, i.e. food, clothing, and shelter. Poverty is a leading problem since independence. India is a nation where there are broad disparities between the haves and the have-nots.femonomic

3. According to the United Nations report, India has the second-highest number of child marriages. It leads to thousands of other problems as widely known. It majorly mars childhood innocence. For a significant shift to take place, proper media sensitization and immediate strict laws are needed.femonomic

4. Starvation in India is a condition that ultimately leads to death unless care is provided at the right time. Conditions of malnutrition such as kwashiorkor and marasmus can also become severe if not treated closely. femonomic

5. Child labor is a daunting global phenomenon. In India, the problem is violent as overpopulation, Illiteracy, poverty, and debt trapping are some prevalent triggers instrumental in this problem. Overburdened, debt – trapped parents do not grasp the significance of an ordinary childhood under the pressure of their own problems, leading to the worse emotional and mental equilibrium of a child’s brain unwilling to perform strict school or homework. MNCs recruit kids unethically for more work and less salary in the garment industry. To avoid exploitation by people or MNCs, strict application of labor laws is also crucial. femonomic

6. Illiteracy in India is more or less distressed with different disparities that exist in the country. There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, technological blocks that shape the literacy rates that exist in the country. Not only the government, but every contribution a literate individual makes to eradicate the threat can make a difference.

7. Shortly after a day of feeling proud, patriotic, propagating Communalism and religious violence is an ancient age practice and old habits die hard in India. Stay hydrated and meditate, folks!

8. Many have struggled for centuries to attain independence from manual scavenging, injustice, and obsolete types of continual breach of fundamental rights. femonomic

9. To women, independence from dowry deaths, child infanticide, domestic violence, casual sexism, maltreatment, and regular and marital rapes seem like a distant dream. To ensure a woman’s safety in smart cities can certainly be a killer move by the government and concerned authorities. femonomic

10. The water crisis is often ascribed to improper government planning, enhanced commercial privatization, manufacturing, human waste, and corruption from the public. Furthermore, water scarcity is expected to worsen in India, as the general population is predicted to rise to 1.6 billion by 2050. femonomic

11. Independence from corruption, as it is most widespread, prevalent in India is bribery, which must be dealt with swiftly and wisely.

12. To attain autonomy from the digital divide, migration, and job opportunities, the division between rural and urban communities must be mitigated.femonomic

Do you want to celebrate Independence day once a year or each day by working towards the betterment of all?

Be aware of what happens after Independence Day and don’t buy the national flag if you can’t pay it some respect.

Jordan Meyers
Jordan Meyers

A fashion designer by profession but a writer by choice, Jordan loves to write about issues close to her heart. She loves to associate herself with relevant content and speak up when necessary but with valid points. Her first love is her pup, whom he named brown because he was brown. She wanted to call it just a dog. But that was too funny even for her.

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