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Is there an afterlife? What happens after death? That can only be explained by people up above the sky having samosa and cutting chai in breezy summers.

Afterlife to me is a beautiful zombie apocalypse that begins in an alternate reality. The concept of the afterlife is titillating to me. After death”, “Life after death”, and “Hereafter” has such a mysterious ring to it that you immediately want to turn into a scholar and research the heck out of the subject. Now, belief in an afterlife, which may be true-to-life or paranormal, as opposed to the belief in oblivion after death.

What’s conjectured is the belief that an indispensable part of one’s identity or the consciousness stays to manifest after the passing of the physical body. The views, such as rebirths and deaths may occur again and again consistently until the point that the individual passes to a profound domain or another world. Wow!

According to some shocking accounts of life after death on the Internet, heaven is real and some people have paid a visit.

What happens after death?

We almost dismiss the concept of the afterlife for lack of proof but there are people and scientists who confirm once and for all that there is indeed life after death.

I personally think that a ‘dead person’ can even hear their own death being announced in their last moments. This is because a person’s mind and consciousness continue to work for a short period even after they’ve gone.

Once that happens, blood never again courses to the cerebrum, which implies mind-work ends momentarily. You lose all your brain stem reflexes — your gag reflex, your pupil reflex all that is no more.

There is this recently developed theory of Biocentrism by the Handsome Professor Robert Lanza.

Biocentrism — According to this theory — life makes the universe as opposed to the other way around. Biocentrism affirms that present speculations of the physical world don’t work, and can never be made to work, until the point when they completely represent life and consciousness differently.

Professor Lanza says it can be explained far more simply using colors. Essentially, the sky may be perceived as blue, but if the cells in our brain were changed to make the sky look green, was the sky truly blue, or was that just our perception?

“When we die, we do so not in the random billiard-ball-matrix but in the inescapable-life-matrix”.

Do you think death is just a negligible fabrication of our awareness? As the perception goes, life is only the movement of carbon and an admixture of atoms – we carry on a while and after that decay into the ground.

Life and biology together construct the universe; the universe itself does not make life. The same rubs into the models of space and time.

Dying is basically something we have for quite some time been instructed to acknowledge, yet as a general rule, it just exists in our psyches. But, once we start to question our biased ideas of time and awareness, the options are enormous and could adjust the way we consider the world in a way not seen since the fifteenth century’s “level earth” talk about.

Life is an experience that rises above our common direct state of mind. When we bid farewell or think What happens after death, we do as such not in the irregular billiard-ball-grid but rather in the certain life-network.

Eileen Dow
Eileen Dow

Eileen’s determination comes from 4 cups of French Vanilla from Timmy’s. With the experience of over 1.5 years in content creation, she smashes the edits like a ninja. She calls herself fluent in sarcasm, but we know she truly loves to edit and call out people on their mistakes. Politely.

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