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India is the biggest democracy and Indians are obsessed with cricket, hypercritical politics, and Bollywood but presently the news that is hogging the limelight is the wedding of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood celebrity Anushka Sharma that ultimately took place far away from India in picturesque Italy.

Indian media armed itself with the best quality artilleries on the D-day to breach the Manyavar couple’s ceremony but failed miserably. You can almost see how desperately the media scrambled for a story, and it’s almost sad how far they have to stretch the little they know of the story. It was only the newlywed couple (Virushka, apparently it’s a thing now!) who broke the information through sharing photographs of the rite on social media. Virushka cannily starved the media of the usual juicy details it loves to make a spectacle of.

The photos are too perfect, the light too dreamy, the outfits too beautifully Sabyasachi. Even the bits of elegant Tuscan-yellow stone we can see in the background of the few Virushka pictures we have just trigger memories of millions of Instagram pictures from all one hundred Kardashians at Kim and Kanye’s Italian wedding. It all looks like a beautiful picture I’ve seen in a book before, and maybe I have, in a fashion magazine about a celebrity wedding somewhere. And this time, the media couldn’t even jump in and spoil it all.

Thanks to Sabyasachi’s constant tweeting, we found out that the bride and groom were wearing all Sabyasachi on all days to all functions, from Anushka’s jewellery to Virat’s signature khadi kurta. This simply meant that they looked exactly like a page from any Sabyasachi collection catalogue ever published, with Anushka even opting for the brand’s signature “micro-dot bindi”. It’s the most familiar wedding aesthetic in the world.

The world went berserk. Like really berserk. Girls and boys were genuinely heartbroken as if they would’ve married Virat and Anushka at some point in time. Heights of egocentric deception. Feeds were clogged with their wedding’s finest details as well as highlights for social media caters well to its target audience. The audience is obsessed with anything related to celebs. We (you) look up to celebs in major aspects of our (your) lives, be it clothing, makeup, relationships and whatnot! They are our (your) idols and if they don’t live up to our (your) expectations at times, lose a few matches or scoreless on the box office then we (you) are entitled to bash them too. That’s just how heartwarming we Indians are!

Congratulations to whoever gets married but frankly, news of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding made everyone smile and provided a beautiful distraction, if only for a while. The hours of relief was provided from going on and on about how the political and religious view is the only way to live inexhaustibly.

India might preach about embracing feminism, but deep down we are still a very sexist, patriarchal and misogynistic society and would not tolerate a woman achieving success on the world stage. For example, Anushka was brutally trolled for Virat Kohli’s failure in the 2015 World Cup semi-final against Australia at Sydney and it left a pretty big scar on Anushka and Kohli had to take a public stand to address the issue.

The wedding is a private affair between the two people and can not and should not be meddled with. But, hold your fire for the wedding reception on 22th and Media’s reactions to it as obsession is akin to insanity.

Dr Anita Deswal
Dr Anita Deswal

Dr. Anita is the brightest one over here with a PhD. in economics and sociology, and almost everything else. With 10+ years of experience as a professor, she brings expertise, knowledge, and metaphorical analogies to the table. A pro at gender & diversity, the education system, and maths, Anita is a gem of a professional.

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