Transitioning My Way Into Colder Months.

So, I have been requested to add some bling and tint to this blog. I have no clue how!! But I am going to make an attempt and honor the request. Nonetheless, I assumed what better than chic Clothes! Right? Consequently, I am about to use this prospect to channelize my inner fashionista in this perfect weather. To me, fall is beautiful; it’s essentially about layering up clothes of striking colors. My flair is casual and happy. I prefer comfort over fashion any day. And, if I happen to make a right decision someday, I get to carry both. 🙂 Undemanding pullovers and handsome cardigans are out to enjoy fall with me to keep me from catching cold and sore throat. We don’t make too many changes in bottom wear comparable to blouses and sweaters. Do we? This is my first time doing anything like this so just cut me some slack.

  1. This is an absolute top-notch for me in fall. Just look at it, Sassy. 🙂  I am different just like everybody else. See, what I did there?


  1. Accordingly, this one is a little winter-ish, yet I am going to take an account of this because it has been exclusively woven by my grandma. The picture is not even doing half the justice to the sweater and its details but it is simply gorgeous, modish and comfy. This can be worn as a cropped sweater with high waisted jeans and brown boots. How would you match it up?


3. To me, colors are outright simple. I don’t know much fancy names so I am just going to call it blue and be done with it. But let us just admire, how vintage does it look. Such intricate details along with subtle frills!! This is beautifully good-looking. It looks lovely paired with a pencil skirt, but we don’t want to catch cold so we are going to wear it with skinny jeans and a pair of heels and exude that glamour. Not being preachy, but we only need self-confidence and a bright smile to look glamorous. Well, yes, a red code lip color too. 🙂


  1. How can we overlook stunning shrugs in fall to keep it chic? Shrugs instantly make you look effortlessly beautiful and feminine.


  1. What do you think about ponchos? I love them. They can provide an overwhelming look if paired smartly. They can pop up any outfit with a little vibrancy and design. I wear them after the pizza night to hide my pizza flab the next day. 🙂  Yellow one can look striking with black or white tights. But you do you. Be you. Whatever floats the boat?


  1. Now, it looks incredibly sexy over a tank top or bralette or anything sleeveless. I don’t even need to elucidate what to pair it with. Because, your mind started figuring out the ways to wear it the moment you looked at it. This is exceptionally soft and classy.


7. No, I did not forget scarfs, to keep us warm and wrapped when we are transitioning into colder months.


According to me clothes bring out who are we as individuals. (We even wear tees with quotes that connect with us). Clothes merely add up to our personalities. They don’t make or break our self-image. Those colors definitely add zing to our lives. The creative power, thoughts and intentions within us make us into the image of that which we give our attention. Smile bright. Stay happy and healthy. Love yourself all the way more. You are yours first before anybody else’s. And, that’s not selfish at all. The only way we can get better is if we never stop working at ourselves. Do whatever feels right.

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