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There have been all kinds of wars between people from different or the same races, continents, or even countries throughout history. Two of them are known as the World Wars. These wars have been the reason for the killings of millions of people and the significant economic crisis afterwards. However, one war is at least equally destructive and a little bit underrated compared to those wars: the Cold War. It was the closest one to be the actual end of the world for many reasons. It has also contributed to some iconic scientific, sport, and cultural events that have stunned the world ever since. In this article, we will look at the top 10 events of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA. These events are not put in order for their destructiveness. So, let’s begin, shall we?

The Olympics Boycotts

It is known that politics always has affected sports in the first place. As a result of the war we have mentioned, there have been sports conflicts and boycotts all over the world. As a result, a group of companies decided to boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, protesting Afghanistan’s Soviet Invasion. Also, in 1984, a Group of communist countries boycotted the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los-Angeles? That affected the importance of the games as they turned out to be just some local tournament instead of the biggest sports event ever.

The Space Accomplishments

As the Cold War went on, the competition between two superpowers of the world in every field became bigger and bigger. And that also included science. As the USSR managed to accomplish other successes in the cosmos, including sending the first person to journey into outer space, Yuri Gagarin, the tension increased in the USA. After several failed attempts to land on the Moon, they finally succeeded in that in 1969. However, the conspiracies still go on as very few people believe the moon landing to be true.

1972 Olympics Men Basketball Final

We go on with another sports event that stunned the world and has remained iconic ever since. During the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, a memorable final game between the USSR and the USA took place. In the last seconds of the game, the USA players scored final points, and all over the arena, the celebrations started as they already celebrated the USA team’s gold medals. And then… The manager of the USSR team protested that there were still a few seconds till the final whistle. And the shock happened in those few seconds. The USSR team got the advantage of the USA team players’ lack and scored the final points. And they went on to become gold medal holders.

Bay of Pigs 

One of the most decisive locations in the Cold War, if not the most, was Cuba. During the event, the USA tried to invade Cuba with some trained Cuban refugees against Fidel Castro and his regime. However, it failed miserably and remained as one of the most memorable embarrassments in USA history. Historians blamed the lap of the late American president, Kenedy.

The Shot Down of U-2 Spy Plane

We can call the Cold War the war of spies as different agents from both superpowers tried to get any information they considered significant from each other. With the help of bribes and threats, many spies turned into traitors and started selling information to the enemy. It is considered that even till now, there are some organizations in Russia tracking these betrayers and executing them. 

During the mentioned event, the USA spy plane was seen over Soviet borders, and the USSR shot it down immediately. The operation failed for the US again, and it led to an embarrassing conference between the USA and USSR. And, of course, it was embarrassing for the USA.

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