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The dramatic shift in the current political landscape is shocking, but much to be expected. Since it has always been a tradition for NDA, of which BJP is the core, has seen times changing over the past two decades. For BJP, allies have always played a major role in times of crisis. In the AB Vajpayee era and lack of the parliamentary majority, its allies came to rescue and exercised important decision-making powers in the overall functioning of the party. With a massive victory, when BJP returned to power in 2014, its allies disappeared in vain. After Lok Sabha Elections this year, BJP’s relative power continued to grow to a point of arrogance.

Our beloved Prime Minister took up the entire political space and allies were only left with advertisement space on bus stands. The fact that one charismatic face drove the mandate to the heights was widely acknowledged and respected.

Maharashtra and Haryana Elections

Recent elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, however, have rattled the balance of control and taken the trend home. BJP emerged as the single largest party and still needed JPP’s support to form the government. JPP gladly served the purpose and made hay while the sun shone. The price of sidelining the Jat community had to be paid by BJP and Dushyant Chautala became deputy chief minister. The alliance played well for both as BJP can now reach out to the Jat community in Haryana and use Chautala in UP elections.

Likewise, the Maharashtra election has been a revelation. Once a dominant partner in the coalition, Shiv Sena was disgruntled with the growing presence of BJP in the state after the 2014 elections. The fact that it had to work under the Fadnavis government before and now settle for lesser seats in the alliance in this election. Nevertheless, BJP could not form the government without its support. A deep dip in BJP’s seats happened and Shiv Sena came to the rescue of BJP. After a long power struggle, Sena is ready to renegotiate the terms and push its claim for Aaditya Thackeray’s rotational chief ministership. Understanding BJP, we can be 100% sure Sena won’t get what it wants.

Trends show that while BJP is politically dominant, support and adjustability skills are much needed.

Election Results 2019: The PM who was promised?

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