On Gender Fights.

How about you read about the conditions of women in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, South Africa, South Asian Countries and many others to not say; that feminism is all bullshit?

Now the Real ‘Epidemic’

The main problem is with the Mademoiselles and lads on social Media who have made this matter a ‘girls/women versus boys/men’ agenda. Sincerely, anytime any pseudo-feminist type of message shows up, there is a barrage of statements like ‘this is anti-boy; if girls can do these boys can also do this.’ Moreover, this is by women and men of mature age, of esteemed professions and by people of much more mental competence than me. The whole idea of feminism is fashioned to be like a fight between the two genders. This feels like the day and age of divide and rule. Moreover, this indiscriminate spewing of venom only adds to the real existing problems. It is not so arduous to recognize that men have their own problems as well as women have their own.

Stop! Stop the Men Versus Women. After so much edification (or whatever you call what we have been doing the preponderance of our adult lives), let us try to look at people as people. Human beings. Fellow beings.

And what if some of us don’t want to fight! We would rather try to find a place from where to act by helping each other. With zero-venom.

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