As you have already read it, we are about to talk about modern feminism. This will come as no revelation, considering all we ever hear about feminism are the numerous problems associated with it. Whether people are debating the true meaning of the word “misogyny”, or whether or not feminists are humorless bitches, or whether or not they should shave our legs, or whether or not men can be feminists all that is ever discussed feminism are its said snags.

At some point in the last two decades, the focus of feminism has been drawn away from its genuine aim as a movement. It has now turned into a prolonged identity politics debate. Owing to which, the world at large has begun to loathe the term. They overhear feminism and fence to an opposite route.

The big questions used to be about concrete, practical circumstances – Why women don’t have a right to use contraceptive pill as per their choice, Right to choose abortion, Right to equal pay, Right to stand against domestic violence and mental abuse,
Right to marry liberally, Right to say no to “Marital sex” (Yes, that’s a thing), Right to not be sold and treated as a commodity, Right to say no to Forced Sex and Prostitution, Right to say no to Child-Marriage, Right to not be raped without bearing the blames showered by  Society regulators, Right to not be objectified, Right to equal say at domestic front, Right to continue studies, Right to work after marriage, Right to demand respect and safety and so much more? Essentially, the right to say NO would suffice to revolutionize Society.

‘Do women even need feminism anymore’. Is Beyonce a ‘real’ feminist? Is Tony Abbott a feminist? What constitutes modern feminism? What is postfeminism? Seriously? Do these questions even bear any fruitful result?

Honestly, I do not care who calls themselves a feminist, so long as important feminist work gets done. Real issues continue to face women globally, but the issues that get the most airplay are those that have the least impact.

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