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The 2019 Hyderabad gang rape is the testimony to what changed after Nirbhaya Case. Nothing. After Jyoti Singh, we woke up to the horror of a 26-year-old Hyderabad veterinary doctor who was brutally gang-raped and burned alive in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The last image of her charred body will always haunt her family.

2019 Hyderabad Gang Rape

She told her sister she was scared. And, we are all scared. They scare every woman and child in this country. The victim wore no vulgar clothes. She wasn’t partying all night. She followed all of society’s rules and was still burned alive. How are you going to slut-shame and slay her character now? How will you victim blame and enable patriarchy now?

Before the rape exercise began, the accused got drunk. Even in a slippery state, their minds were sufficiently active to have a plan to assault her. It wasn’t the first time, I’m sure it isn’t going to be the last time either. By deflating her scooty tyres, they set up a trap. And then, on the pretext to help her, they approached her. As per the plan, they ambushed her, switched off her phone and forced whiskey down her throat to silence her when she screamed for help. They took turns to rape her and never stopped until she fell unconscious and started bleeding.

How Police behaved in the 2019 Hyderabad Gang Rape

The police turned away her family. And, at last, they had to look for her themselves. This is certainly not the first time it happened either. Our police is renowned for its casual attitude, rather than showing a sense of urgency that might save lives. Whether to consider a complaint and file an FIR or not is apparently optional for Indian Police.

This is not the first of a kind rape to be noticed. In a week, thousands of terrifying rapes sent shock waves across the country. But what is painfully saddening is that the day Dr. Reddy’s body was found, a series of five deadly rape cases were reported from different parts of the country in a two-day period highlighting the horrific status of women’s safety in India.

In the absence of the stricter laws and order, we lose women to rising rapes and inhumane mindset. Before or after Nirbhaya, nothing changed. The dull state of law enforcement and degrading mentality only make the situation worse.

It is hard to understand how anyone could subject another human being to such terrible, unprovoked violence. I don’t think I want to be the daughter of India anymore. I don’t want to be brave and fearless and sacrifice myself to satisfy patriarchal cravings.

It’s no longer about women and their clothing. It’s beyond everything set on papers and shameful mindset. Women’s education, dress, gender, and character are no longer the rape criteria. Women can’t even live or die with respect and dignity. Minors are being violated. And, they’re not calling for the crimes.

They raise men with no education about women, their dignity, and their humanity. They only see women as objects and not human beings. If the victim were a man, at worst, they would rob her. She wouldn’t get raped or burned alive.

No one wants to talk about our culture and traditions that suffocate women and teaches men nothing about respecting women. It’s not about one person, one mindset, and one administration. It’s a blend of our cultural upbringing and gender roles. From where do you think men get the idea of teaching a lesson to women?

There is no point in holding rallies, demonstrations and candle marches. The answer is not to kill every rapist either. How many are we going to kill? And, justice in our country is either delayed or denied. These are the only two options that we have.

As always, don’t forget what happened. You and I might be the next one. The next one might be your sister, daughter, wife, or mother. She was also someone’s daughter, sister, and friend. It is a gut-wrenching feeling to experience every day that the next could be us. This is not an event that we will forget until the next girl is brutally gang-raped and charbroiled. It’s about what’s going on in our country today. We are facing a serious threat to the lives of women and their safety.

And, don’t even say not all men are like that!! Because it’s enough number of men who are a threat to our life and safety. Accept the issue and speak up for the right things instead of allowing your ego to be involved. If you’re not one of those men, spread awareness and prevent others from becoming one. Put your ego and influence to good use.

Women don’t deserve this. We didn’t sign up for this.

P.S. Burn those 4 accused alive.

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