Take it seriously when they say they are getting bullied before it gets worse, especially when they are Children. Because the effects of bullying are severe. It makes people upset. It can make them feel lonely, unhappy and frightened; it gets more complicated with children. It can make them feel unsafe and think there must be something wrong with them. Children can lose confidence and may not want to go to school anymore. It may even make them sick. A person might bottle up their emotions and try not to let it show to their friends or family. It can be hard for someone to feel all those things and try to keep it to themselves and often as a result their behavior may change. They may show their feelings in other ways and know the signs to look out is really important. We often ask young people how they think the behavior would show itself if someone bottled up how they really felt. They felt that a person may: Self-harm, Feel depressed, Withdraw socially and stop going out, Avoid social media or messenger, Feel anxious about going to school, Be very angry and be aggressive, Bully others, Develop an eating disorder, Turn to drinking or taking drugs.
Bullying can have severe effect on learning. Stress and anxiety caused by bullying and harassment can make it more difficult for kids to learn. It can cause difficulty in concentration and decrease their ability to focus, which affects their ability to remember things they have learned. Bullying is painful and humiliating, and kids who are bullied feel embarrassed, battered and shamed. If the pain is not relieved, bullying can even lead to consideration of suicide or violent behavior. We are most prone to Bullying when a change takes place in our lives. New people in the new environment try to isolate us to validate their existence. In children, Bullies stop when adults are around. There is a correlation between increased supervision and decreased bullying.
Some people think bullying is just part of growing up and a way for young people to learn to stick up for themselves like my Teachers thought. But bullying can have long-term physical and psychological consequences. If bullying isn’t stopped, it also hurts the bystanders, as well as the person who bullies others. Bystanders are afraid they could be the next victim. Even if they feel badly for the person being bullied, they avoid getting involved in order to protect themselves or because they aren’t sure what to do.
Why do they bully?
It is hard to fully understand the reasons behind why people feel the need to bully others. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Attention seeking behaviour, doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative.
  • Might be a need for them to think they can get what they want from being a bullying.
  • To impress others and think they are gaining respect and popularity amongst their peers
  • To punish people they are jealous or envious of, so targeting them for bullying.
  • Because others are doing it and they too afraid to speak up.
  • They may have low self-esteem, confidence and possible anger issues.
  • Been bullied themselves.

Whatever the reasons may be, it does not give anyone the right to make others feel low or bully others to make themselves feel better.
“Bringing you down commenting on everything you do trying to be better than you controlling over you.”

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  1. Your intelligence is very sexy! 🙂 Please write more articles, the topic doesn’t matter, and I will enjoy your flow of thoughts, your beautiful intelligence. Now my response to the article: the reason is, in my opinion, that such people have a low self-esteem and a deep feeling of powerlessness – and then they try to control life and other people, in order that they experience a moment of power and superiority. It is a moment of relief, but not long-lasting, since our ego can’t control life. We can only control our own mind. The result is, that they must behave in that way again and again to feel a moment of relief, it is a unconscious, compulsive behaviour.
    The only way out is, in my own experience, that we feel our emotions, that we meditate and bring more and more awareness/ the light of presence-consciousness into our life. It is like a fire that transmutes negativity into its light. Into love, compassion, wisdom.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you for your generous words. I entirely agree to your reason behind why people feel the need to bully others. Their own insecurities and sense of powerlessness lead to a behavior pernicious to themselves as well as others. This short lived relief can leave some long lasting scars on their lives. Nowadays, Animals are better than human beings in controlling their minds. We need to inculcate noble habits and positive thoughts in our day to day lives. Small changes in life can lead to bigger achievements. We should try and do the same with children for their healthy and bright future. There are copious ways by which we can deal with our frenzied minds better. Everybody can exercise whichever way they find suitable. We need kindness, compassion and love within ourselves to grow as individuals, to make our surroundings better. One person can definitely change the world.

  2. There is a spiritual solution to every problem, since the mind is the cause of every problem in the world! 🙂 We can’t change the world and other people, but we can always change our mind. And this doesn’t mean that we must become naked Yogis, who are always meditating. I think, that we need both: meditation and action. True meditation inspires action. If we live in the Spirit, inspiration flows and we find solutions for every problem.
    Yes, we can.

      1. If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. -Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Enlightenment is undeniably one of the most profound ways to resolve our muddled problems of society. We altogether make a society and if each one of starts changing for the better than most teething troubles of humankind will disappear. We can’t accomplish great things in life unless we attain pure self-conscience. No one else but we on our own can only initiate this process. We can handle our own little problems of society while governments maintain GDPs for their respective economies. Government solely doesn’t hold the responsibility of making society a healthier place but people owe it to each other too. Clarity in thought and life can absolutely make things a whole lot better. Little things in life can only take us far.

      1. Here a wonderful quote from Yoda: “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.”
        You are always and already a luminous spiritual being, not this crude matter, powerful and infinite and connected to “The Force” 🙂 the same creative energy that creates billions of galaxies. How can you not be a extreme beautiful and powerful being? “Enlightenment” is the core of your being. You can’t become enlightened, but you can realize what is already within you – and you can express and embody it. YOU, the Goddess…….

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