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Why and How Stand up Comedian Joshua Agrima Gets Rape Threats and how!

So far!

Let us look briefly at all the aspects of what’s happening.

A year ago, stand up comedian Agrima cracked some jokes about “what people were saying on Quora” about the proposed Shivaji statue being planned off Mumbai’s coast. She only quoted what “Quorans” were saying. And, people in the audience, laughed.

Her premise was not based on him but the responses, she found hilarious on Quora. Again, she is a comedian. 

Why Stand up Comedian Joshua Agrima Got Rape Threats?

And, as you would expect in the greatest democracy ever, some people found it downright offensive. You may think it’s cockroaches lacking logic or weak heartedness. Their world-class view created a tremendous furore on social media. One year later, she is now being accused of disrespecting Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

First of all, isn’t that a little slow reaction to something you feel so strongly about? Have you heard about herd mentality? Are you familiar with that phrase? Does that ring a bell? No? 🙄

And, disrespect? What is it that people are doing to her now? 

Anyway, things got out of hand, Maharashtra’s home minister himself tweeted, saying he directed CP Mumbai and IG Cyber to take legal action against her. Wow!!

Read it again: Her idea was not based on him but the responses, she found hilarious on Quora. Minister Ji, please read that again.

The government, of course, had all the time in the world to get involved in a matter like this, where somebody’s joke was not even properly understood, let alone respected; but let’s leave it for now.

Nonetheless, Agrima deleted the video, made her IG account private, released an apology for “hurting the feelings of the people,” and even cut out the segment that caused controversy from the larger YouTube video. To artists, criticism is not new. But when it comes in the form of assaults and rape threats, it turns into something much more dangerous and reveals the hatred that pervades Indian society.

So, my feelings get hurt whenever dumbfucks breathe! Am I making an issue out of that?

Okay, if you’ve got a functional brain, please watch the video below and figure out if it justifies rape threats!

And, your answer is? Yes? No? 

How Stand up Comedian Joshua Agrima Got Rape Threats?

So, the next thing that happened is that a dumbass named Shubham Mishra, whose Instagram bio says “Bekhauf Bindaas Bebaak” (fearless, carefree, bold), posted a video on his handle, threatening to rape the comic in a profanity-laden Instagram response. He hurled the vilest of abuses at not only Agrima Joshua but also her mother and sister. Oh, and he also ends his rant by saying he respects women. Irony!

So, an ardent follower of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maa Bhawani explained graphically and literally how he would fuck Agrima from behind and do stuff that brings her back to her place. His royal highness then asked his followers to teach her a lesson, so severe that she would tremble before she would once again take the name of Shivaji Maharaj.

Oh, he didn’t forget to mention at the end of his rant, how much he respects women! And, I am sure; he does.

Again, watch his video below and figure out if his definition of respecting women sounds familiar to you?

He has the right, in his little dumbass mind, to the body of a woman. He also thinks he can post a video that is abusive and threatening without any repercussions.

As admitted rapists roam free, crimes and abuse against women, do not seem to take a backseat!

So, the next thing that happened will leave you speechless. 

Soon Mishra removed the video from his Instagram page, but he still stands by his word. He went ahead and put up another YouTube video justifying his unspeakable abuses and rape threats he hurled at Joshua.

“My intention was not that. The public is taking it on the wrong track. I am apologizing for the video I made in anger. But I am not ready to believe that I gave rape threats to anybody. My intention was not that. I don’t have a loose character,” Mishra justifies in his YouTube video.

What part of “I will fuck you, your sister, your mother, to teach you a lesson” is not a rape threat?

Oh! Did I tell you he starts the video with Satyamev Jayate? Also, he says that some girls and boys messaged him and informed him that Agrima made fun of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and of course, in his holy anger, he made the video and gave rape threats. 

HE DID NOT WATCH THE VIDEO HIMSELF?????????? Or he did but didn’t understand it? You dumb, Shubham?

So, what do you think? 

Let me know in the comment section below.

Here’s what I think:

Disclaimer: I am not one of those who can sugarcoat things to be likable! I don’t say things to prove a point. I am not the one to stay silent, either. I say things exactly how I feel. The damage that could to ginormous egos is massive!

Being a pseudo devoted follower of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shubham’s sick mentality, attitude, and language don’t match his idol’s tenets. 

Can you differentiate between scum of the earth and an admitted rapist? 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, as far as I know, taught us to respect women.

Shubham had a miserable childhood. He’s just some local gunda’s Chella but pretends to be the one in charge. His gentle ego is easily threatened by women and he can only think about raping them in return because this is the only event that can make him feel like a man. 

He can’t fight men. In life, he can’t and could not do much, but he says he has rights over the body of a woman. You know why? He needs a woman, so he can feel like a man! But you can’t convince someone of what he isn’t. It’s not a woman’s job to make a man feel like a man.

What is tragic is that it is not the first and last time a man found himself sufficiently powerful to do anything like this! What scares me the most is that we need an outrage and movement to apprehend such assholes and to teach them a lesson, so harsh that the next time he even thinks about a woman like that he trembles. 

Do you realize how filthy a mind needs to be putting up such a video and saying atrocious things as such?

We can only hope he pays for it and the government sets an example for the rest of the Shubhams. 

I’m a woman. I grew up in India and have experienced verbal abuse and endless eve-teasing. I, as a woman, don’t give any rights, or allow anybody to rape or threaten women. We allow no one to sexually assault or even threaten to do that. To talk to mothers like that is unacceptable. None should think they have the right to abuse the body of a woman to silence her.

It’s mentally gruelling to see all the hate women get about ruining their body from all angles. No one, and, I repeat, no fucking one has the right over anybody’s body to do monstrous acts that Shubham, the dumbass, claimed to do in his threats. 

Do you think a joke however offensive justifies rape threats, sexual assault, and issuing a public threat and inciting others to do so to a woman and members of her family?

No one should even dream, let alone do, of mutilating the body of a woman to teach her a lesson. 

Shubham is nothing more than a sad little coward. I’m sorry for Shubham and all those who gave thumbs up on his video and left supporting comments. 

I won’t be silenced if anyone treats a woman with disrespect.

It was Shubham today, it will be someone else tomorrow.

No, we cannot allow this to happen. 

I say, No!

Dr Anita Deswal
Dr Anita Deswal

Dr. Anita is the brightest one over here with a PhD. in economics and sociology, and almost everything else. With 10+ years of experience as a professor, she brings expertise, knowledge, and metaphorical analogies to the table. A pro at gender & diversity, the education system, and maths, Anita is a gem of a professional.

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