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  1. All women are “angry” because they have their periods. Then why men are constantly labeled as “angry young man”? Angry men are acceptable as well as are warranted insinuating a shade of masculinity. Women are called crazy bitches when they show anger. Do you read news about grave Crimes committed by Men in anger? Who are crazy assholes NOW? Stop associating periods with fundamental emotions. Everybody is entitled to their emotions and even have the rights to express them. Stop with the sick mentality.
  2.  Women are not Good Drivers. Some of them are exceptionally good. But let me enlighten you, we have been living in a patriarchal society for centuries and some men still get terrified and insecure when they come across an exceptional “woman” driver. If women were driving from the beginning of time just like men they will be equals as well as good drivers.
  3. Women don’t give strong and firm handshakes. Let me tell you, neither do most men. But how does that even matter? They are just People. It is not even deemed to be a stereotype according to me but it still is.
  4. A woman’s main priority in life is to get married. Hahahaha. This is a joke, Right?
  5.  All women are amazing cooks and know a million delicious recipes. Wait. “Some women are amazing cooks and know a million delicious recipes.” Even some men are amazingly skilled cooks. My Respects to all of them.
  6. Women are obsessed with romantic comedies, especially The Notebook. Some are while some are not. I fall in the latter category.
  7.  Women are ever high spirited and never lazy while men are liberated with nerdiness, laziness, peacefulness. Let me say, it took me three days to write this average post. You can figure out my level of laziness. Well, to your shock, Women own their rights of laziness.
  8.  When women are told, “You’re so skinny!” they always take it as a compliment. Wrong. I said this once to a girl and she wanted to exterminate me. My bad.

Why Do Myths Persist? Myths based on gender and on race persist, despite the evidence to the contrary. The reality is that women as a group and men as a group are more alike than they are different. Women are qualitative; men are quantitative. We both uplift each other no matter what.

What makes you happy should not be discriminated by anyone, it is your right”. I wish people would just put all our physical differences aside and see others as themselves rather than THIS or THAT.
Let us not limit ourselves and exclude other genders. I believe people are only people, nothing more or less than that. Be it Men, Women, Transgender, whoever. Discrimination and labels will take us to no heights and will only haunt us when our next generation becomes a part of the same vicious cycle.
We need to think about little things and make little changes every day in our mindsets to become a better human. Because We Can.

Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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