A Saudi man recently divorced his wife for walking ahead of him despite repeated warnings. These women nowadays, I tell you!!  The man gave his wife repeated fucking warnings to keep a step behind him but, oh my god, she kept walking ahead of him after which he divorced her for good god’s sake.

How dare her!! Ya allah habibi he warned her. He should have just smacked her right on her head for not listening to his orders.

These Saudi Arabian women are on their own fricking trip. That lovely and handsome husband only wanted to prove the saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman. I wonder, how these women in Saudi Arabia are way ahead than men in every way. That’s just ghastly.

Can you imagine the future of innocent and naive men of Saudi Arabia? Women alike can ruin their lives by leading the path of non-obedience. Shameful.

Anyways, if I would have been a man and I would have told my wife like that, she would have simply kicked my ass from behind and then I would have had to divorce her obviously for such a valid reason. Right?

I personally feel there should be a similar law for gullible employees – Triple Resign Law which resonates with their inner feelings just like Triple Talaq. You just need to scream “Resign, Resign, Resign” and no need to serve notice period either. Our world would be so developed that we could just induce futuristic vibes into each other and the universe and get things done the next morning.

Good riddance…for him. Beware of such women.

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