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The world is watching how the largest democracy in the world deals with criticism.
Though, I may be wrong but I don’t think you expose and make a mockery of it when you go through ups and downs in your family or relationships. You still put up a tough defense to show around. Why? Because you think people are watching and they must judge you if you become sissy.
I also think the nation is angry with the incidents on our borders. Let’s express solidarity with our people and the armed forces and the steps taken by the government. We don’t have to toe the government line is flawed or patent ourselves with the very idea of patriotism. But, when other nations show support to your country internationally with or without strikes, you won’t?
Military operations demand the highest degree of secrecy.Those who are demanding transparency in military operations must understand what military operations are all about. And, I am sure politicians questioning are completely aware of an inside story. They are insiders. We are outsiders. We can assume, question and pass judgments. They know the truth. Inter political blusters are rampant to pull down each other. And, war mongers, you think War is a child’s play? Grow up.
War isn’t an option for either India or Pakistan; the government knew this well. The alternative, besides the diplomatic efforts, was to conduct an army strike in selective areas without escalating tensions beyond a point. This was particularly important ahead of the crucial state elections next year, and to justify Government’s merit and present himself as the nation’s best political choice in the 2019 General Elections, which aren’t far. (You see Government did two things at the same time using the effort needed to do only one.)
Note that the announcement of the surgical strikes was done by the DGMO, not the defence minister. This was designed to give credibility to the entire exercise by letting the army say it in its own words. But that doesn’t mean the government isn’t answerable to the counter-questions on this subject. The government should deal with such questions with maturity and a sense of responsibility (to the extent national security permits).
The Pakistani government and the anti-India elements they nurture will be having a lot of fun advertising disputes of our country. And, “we are no different than them.” The government has acted assertively to try and precise an imbalance that has existed in the relationship between the two countries. How this will play out, in the long run, is an open ended question, but the manner in which this strategy has been managed so far has been coherent. However, this is merely the first step in a long and complex chain of events that will follow. Pursuing a course of strength requires a certain detached calmness and cold calculation. The hysteria could perhaps be understood at a time when India was seen to be doing nothing, but today it is time to ease up. Not because of weakness, but in order to show the strength that it has always longed for.
Now, let me truly tell you how I feel, we should not waste our time in redundant hypes and controversies created for political gains, should think about helping families, especially children of our martyrs. Media distorts everything from Tiger Shroff going out to dinner with Disha Patani to serious issues like strikes; Politicians as usual are trying to rip apart each other. They are doing their jobs perfectly. But, we can do it differently by reaching out to people in need rather than exercising our mouth for nothing. Blabbering never helped anybody.
P.S– Pakistan is edgy and disconcerted as it has been violating ceasefire incessantly even after “Strikes’ for days. (If there were “no strikes”, then why are they trying to retaliate?) Think. Our two soldiers got injured just last night. While, I am writing this, there is an operation going on to kill terror in Pampore.

Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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