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It’s never too late to partake in the Plastic-free July because let’s not overstay our welcome on earth and do our bit like good humans we were made to be. It’s the ideal moment to change from problematic species to solution-oriented one so we can enjoy cleaner roads, spick-and-span seas, and beautiful lush communities.


There are many reasons for you to be part of the free July plastic, but let’s start from the basics for now! We have to make it a way of life because the projected time it takes to break down some plastics in the atmosphere is 450 years-to-never. The air we breathe and the water we consume is infested with microplastics. It was also discovered in the stomachs of beasts of the deep sea, birds, and tortoises. It sullies beaches and waterways, and well, almost every ecosystem on earth. And while recycling is admirable, it is even more admirable and sustainable that we do not generate plastic trash in the first place. Wouldn’t this be a nicer and brighter setting?

There’s no doubt that plastic is used in many significant ways. But it’s not one of them to cover the plastic fork we don’t need at first, at least not for me. So are you going to be the earth’s savior by choosing to use no plastic for a month? Yes, I’m going to stand tall and nail the task for a month. No, I’m going to say no to plastic for life.

Begin with 5 simple ways to go plastic-free!

Reusable products and snack bags, silk dental floss in a glass bottle, and bamboo toothbrushes are a few things that can help you dig out plastic for single use. It’s all right if your performance isn’t ideal, but you’ve got to shoot it well. So just go cold turkey in the month of July on single-use plastic.

1. Grocery bags are essential so get reusable and ecological produce bags. Just make sure you frequently scrub them to prevent pathogens that are born from food.

2. Get a reusable bottle of water and a travel mug so you are always plastic-free, hydrated, and glowing.

3. Add a range of reusable utensils to your kitchen so you can pour yourself an organic cup of ambition.

4. Simply say no when an unneeded plastic bag, fork, etc. appears even in distant spheres.

5. Think about the packaging before you purchase anything so your plastic cravings don’t resurface.

All the best and stay focused so tortoise and turtles are not bereft. Go #PlasticFreeJuly with our 5 simple ways to go plastic-free!

Dr Anita Deswal
Dr Anita Deswal

Dr. Anita is the brightest one over here with a PhD. in economics and sociology, and almost everything else. With 10+ years of experience as a professor, she brings expertise, knowledge, and metaphorical analogies to the table. A pro at gender & diversity, the education system, and maths, Anita is a gem of a professional.

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