But, equal and excellent education first

Education is tricky and two-sided in context of equality and diversity nowadays in social strata. With the fall of joint families, schools have an imperative part to play in the testing of children. Few out of every odd perspective requires a formal rating framework. A national rating standard talks around 12 results that ought to be accomplished by understudies. Of these, only six are identified with information and learning.

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The King and the Woman

See the running of the king,
I think he’s angry at the swing.
He finds it hard to see the lion,
Overshadowed by the funny ion.
Who is that skipping near the bear? I think she’d like to eat the gear. She is but a silly woman,
Admired as she sits upon a Trueman. Her thoughtful car is just an ache, It needs no gas, it runs on shake. She’s not alone, she brings a pen,

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Gaurav Sharma, with a little bit of this and that!

Gaurav Sharma has already overwhelmed the world as an author of 4 books with his literary and academic skills. “Gone are the Days” is a fiction and nowadays on the promotion spree. He is a bigshot already and carries a swag in abundance. But there’s more to him than the number of books he has authored, his witty…

Gaurav Sharma, with a little bit of this and that! was originally published on Femonomic

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