By Lovey Chaudhary



The book “Femonomic” is 116 pages long. The pages are inked with poems and raw emotions. Poems are about you, me and us. The verses are about never forgotten past, overwhelming present, and distant future dreams. Some are tinted with struggles to keep up with stereotypes while others are caramelized with pizza and chocolate cravings that kick in at nighttime. You can expect to read about different forms of Love, Society, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, Body Image, Mental wellness, Chocolates and the struggle of parents after their only daughter gets raped, and the judiciary lets the rapist escape. It is about what consumes us. It is brutal, sarcastic and funny.


Lovey Chaudhary

After majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, clearing NET, starting a website named “Femonomic” 7 years ago, publishing exactly 24 academic research papers, Lovey recently took to writing a poetry based book titled “Femonomic”. She has already produced and published nearly 400 articles about issues close to her heart while being a corporate slave for almost forever now. The author writes about serious social issues in a light-hearted but sarcastic manner.

She writes about equal education, politics, food, law and order, gender & society, environment, basically about anything and everything under the Sun except the Sun.


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Each piece is blunt, straight, thoughtful, touchy, inquisitive, introspective, and thought-provoking. It’s actually, in my opinion, is not a one time read. It’s basically any time, any page, any number of times read. It’s something to be read as re-read by each member of society. Each poem is a new approach to address the meaning of life, liberty, the crime against women, self-responsibility, education, values, family, society, and the whole nation where each one of us has to play a better, participative, and active role to build is stronger without adding the flavor of spineless politics in it.

– jaideep khanduja, top 50 reviewer, amazon

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What happens after Independence Day?

What happens after Independence Day?

I hold a massive grudge against this one. Flags bought to embody the inner patriotism can be seen thrown around frantically leading to the loss of respect and a rise in the litter. Therefore, dogs and other animals feast on the plastic paper of the flag. Children learn and grow up to be just like other pseudo-patriotic.



एक बार दे दे खुद को मुझको, मैं बहुत सँभाल कर रखूँगा तुझको
मैं रख रहा हूँ गिरवी खुद को, तू बस खरीद ले बेमोल मुझको
रात को मैं तेरा चाँद बनूँगा, सुबह को उगता सूरज
जाड़ों की मैं धूप बनूँगा, भरी दोपहर की छाँव|

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