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Men Aspire To Beer And Women Aspire To Babies?

Now I don’t have a problem with any kind of day unless it’s one of those days when dogs don’t respond back. We have a number of celebrated days, some are ridiculously ridiculous (Teddy Bear Day, Bubble Bath Day, Festival of Sleep Day, World Cabbage Day, National Hugging Day, World Thinking Day, Honesty Day, Love Your Lawyer Day, Global Orgasm Day) while some are realistically meaningful (New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, International Men’s day and Women’s day). In case you didn’t know, International Men’s day falls on 19th November. Google it. Now should we celebrate Men’s and Women’s Day? Absolutely, because all the women and men in the past fought for better rights and that should be celebrated. Now, gender is irrelevant. If there is something amazing about the struggle for female suffrage and rights, something brave and wonderful about your grandmother, or something admirable in a wife… Celebrate those good qualities. The gender of the person who has them is irrelevant. The tactics used to win female suffrage can be used to win human rights for other groups. Mutual respect and equality are the kinds of things this day should be about. Not vaginas. It holds true to its core in cases of Men too.

Even though women aren’t treated like dogs now they are still underpaid and undervalued in many job positions. Men are still getting more job placements than women. Women are underappreciated in a variety of sports. One of my friends recently revealed his glory and took the plunge “As a healthy, hetero, highly-educated man, I don’t need a ‘day’. Every day, I get given the wine list in restaurants, I get asked about my job rather than my kids and wife, people listen to me in business meetings, I benefit from status and respect that is partly down to my unearned privileges. Whenever I hear men whining about International Men’s or Women’s Day, I have to remind myself that those individuals may well be hard-done-by. But men, as a group, are not. However, I think Men are misguided to think that it is their status as a man that is silencing them.” First, Let us appreciate how well put together it is?

I believe that we should keep fighting for HUMAN rights because it will be a long time until they are met. First thing first: there is a lot of sexism against men as well as women. For example, in most countries, men don’t get paternity leave. A lot of men face ridicule when they decide to be a stay home dad and take care of the family. If a man wears women’s clothing, he’d be laughed at, while there is a very little scrutiny with women wearing men’s clothing. Not to forget the skyrocketing suicide rate among young men, for example, or the stigma faced by men who admit to being a victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence. But the tenor of a debate surrounding this movement is aggressive and offensive at worst, and at best completely blind to the world as it is. And as an individual, I fully support men and women share equal rights. I support male domestic victims and am willing to help them fight the bias against them. If a boy wants to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, I’ll help him be the most badass Wonder Woman. The “international men’s day” or “Men’s rights association” don’t really care about any of the problems men actually face. There hasn’t been one single helpline or support group for suicidal fellows, set up to help male domestic violence victim by any of these groups that supposed to care about “men’s right”. While a little boy is laughed at for wanting to play with barbies, I guarantee you it’s the women speaking up for the boy, not the men’s right group. In fact, those MRA people are probably the ones doing the ridicule and laughing. International Men’s day doesn’t raise awareness for sexism men face; Men’s right association doesn’t care about “men’s equal right with women”;

Moreover, the ground reality is I have never once seen a man bring up men’s right when a conversation about women’s right is not already happening. It’s only ever brought up when somebody else brings up feminism or women rights. When women celebrate International Women’s Day, we celebrate it to try to draw attention to the issues facing women: Education, Rapes, inequality at home, Financial freedom,  Right to freedom and expression, Freedom to choose Marriage or abortion, the wage gap, sexual assault rates, unfair treatment in the workforce, etcetera, and etcetera. Furthermore, When most men celebrate International Men’s Day, they do it because they think they deserve the exact same thing as women. They are, in essence, trying to practice equality, not equity.

Women and men need EQUAL treatment every day rather than celebrating one day for each. Women shouldn’t be given rape threats every two seconds and men should be heard rather than ridiculed.

So, for me, people who screaming about International Men’s Day or Men’s right association is no different from those who believe women should know their place; Those who request a white history month or believe “all lives matter” is no different from those who believe Black people and other People of Color are inferior race. And yes, I get very angry with blatant racists and sexists.

I don’t understand superficial equality. The literal definition and idea perpetrated by Media and its regulators are perplexing. Women’s day or Men’s day is only an opportunity for them to cash in on the day. There is no equality among women as well as Men. Why don’t we begin equality on the basis of education level, Healthcare facilities, Maternity/Paternity leaves, Mental well-being, Freedom to choose and live equally? There are little girls deprived of education helping mothers to gather two square meal a day. There are women avoiding to step out of their homes to spare themselves of harassment, rapes, violence and nasty behavior. There are women suffering from dowry issues and Acid Attacks and we talk big words about Women’s day when those women are not even aware that it is their day.

It was International Women’s day but sadly, we celebrated hypocrisy. Men and women should own the world as a mutual possession.

Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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