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iPhone 10,8,7,6,5,4,3…..yawn!!

Siri is certainly the coolest to hang out with especially when you are needy and single. It talks all fun and is indeed more intelligent than some humans, more of a reason for the popularity of Apple.

But is it worth to be holding out for the crown jewel, the $999 leap Apple has taken since original iPhone? They missed the rumored $1000 price point” because you know that $1 makes a whole lot of difference.

To begin with, they took your fingerprints, then they grabbed scans of your retinas and now they’re going to take facial recognition scans as well! Enjoy your new “security” features fellas, you oblivious fools. Can’t you see how parlous your future will be? says a frustrated tech-savvy friend whose wallet doesn’t agree with the price tag.

The flood of iPhone engagement is pretty identical to Game of Thrones, thanks to its bezel-less design and edge-to-edge display. Also, iPhone 8 is outdated already unlike others. At least, they took almost a year to get dated.

There is absolutely something irresistibly ultramodern about the iPhone X – with its new Home Button-less design, curvaceous glass design, and face scanning biometric security features, which wouldn’t be able to work with or without makeup, double chin or twins or what not. It’s an incredibly clever system – but it’s also an experimental one. Yet they can pinch and improve the system, much in the way they did with the beta launch of Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus last year. Even Apple’s Air Pods are urbane because the pods are in a relationship where there are no strings attached.

iPhone X is clearly an intense change for the iPhone –it looks more posh now. It looks phenomenal for rich class adorning fur and Versace.

Nonetheless, Apple has indeed been successful in clouding the lines between physical object and experience just like how iPhone 12 will have no battery or iPhone 15 will have no camera and iphone18 will be the phone in the air.

If you are into apples then you can plan for an iPhone 6. Praise Price cuts already. Hallelujah.

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