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I had premeditated to make this blog post about singlehood and taboos associated with it but I had to change my mind when we got heart-wrenching breaking news, “Under the cover of heavy mortar fire a Pakistani Special Forces team sneaked 250 meters across the Line of Control (LoC) into the Poonch sector and beheaded two Indian security personnel on Monday”. It has become a regular feature but it is uncommon for the Army to officially acknowledge such action. Political Parties condemned it as usual. They are skilled at “ninda-Giri”. “It was followed by an attack on another forward post in the same area. There was heavy firing from the Pakistani army posts at BSF posts at LoC in Krishna Ghati sector of Poonch district with rockets and automatic weapons. The Indian troops retaliated and the firing continued for some time intermittently.” It is clearly a pre-planned attack; they set up waylays for an extended period to carry out the attack, because such coldblooded act necessitates preparation and deceased conscience. There have been several BAT attacks in the past in which Indian jawans have been beheaded or their bodies mutilated.

But Indians, comprising the mourning families of the soldiers, feel Pakistan “should be taught a lesson”. Monika, the daughter of head constable Prem Sagar, said she wanted Indian forces to kill at least 10 Pakistani troops to avenge her father which is said in the rage of loss of her wonderful father. Dying in a war is an honor but the mutilating body of soldiers is a reprehensible and bestial act.

Not that anyone cares about what I think but India must take exacting and punitive actions as soon as possible because it will be too late if we wait any longer. Pakistan has not ever and will never accept our companionship. Their land was laid down upon animosity against India. Tactical operations are not effective in the case of Pakistan…It has to be dealt with at military, political and diplomatic level.

  1. We must let Pak diplomats retreat and recall our diplomats from Pak breaking all relations with them instantly and cancel all visa issued to PAK nationals as well.
  2. What do you do when you are hurt and miffed with someone? You isolate them in all aspects; same rule is applied in Diplomacy. Stop playing Cricket matches only to make some money.
  3. India needs to stand up for itself rather than waiting for richer countries to come to its rescue. Give a befitting response to Pakistan for every LOC ceasefire violation.
  4. No emptier bilateral dialogues until Terror attacks and aggression from PAK ends for 12 months. And, if an incident occurs within the duration, reset the timer and start new 12 months all over again.
  5. As much as I want to say destroy all the Pak posts near the border and rob them of a breather to reassemble and constant shelling but Stop all foot patrols, use ATVs.
  6. We can carry out similar cross-border raids at the tactical level to level up for the barbaric practice they have performed on two security personnel. Such counter assaults are not surprising. Battalions deployed along the LoC always have their plans in place for such assaults.
  7. Rescind international treaties. We don’t have anything to do with those people who are making our children orphans and women widowed on a daily basis.
  8. Border trading points along the LoC should be shut to make Pakistan feel the pinch. The army should deploy heavy weapons to flatten that post.

Pakistani vexations have constrained India to shed its ceiling and kick a self-imposed restriction on deploying artillery against Pakistan army. India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads over the disputed territory for nearly 70 years now. Both countries claim the whole territory but control only some parts of it. More shockingly, Two out of three wars have already been fought between India and Pakistan centered on Kashmir. Both the countries need to find some way out because we are losing people on a regular basis now. A new war could be even more catastrophic as both states now have nuclear arsenals. Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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