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What’s this hullabaloo? What was so unforeseen about the election results? Game of thrones raised more eyebrows than the India election 2019. India welcomed the PM who was promised. 

Do you think it could have been evaded just as clouds help Indian planes evade enemy radars? Dany’s death, I mean.

Everyone around has miraculously earned a Psephologist degree before the elections to flaunt their verbatim on social media and groups. Since 2014, the realm, social media, and news channels have been in awe of Mr. Modi. Who else is giving them so much content to speak all day?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned out to be the Bran Stark for being a “three-eyed raven.”femonomic

It’s a phenomenal festival of democracy.

Over 600 million voted in the 2019 elections, approximately three times Brazil’s population, out of a total of 900 million eligible voters, which is the highest voter turnout ever in any parliamentary poll since independence. The voters definitely displayed a vote of faith in whatever Mr. Modi did by giving him an overwhelming mandate to operate further. The voters’ acceptance and affection are truly outstanding. femonomic

No matter what, PM Modi has become the world’s most powerful democratically elected leader now. My only problem is that most superfluous MPs have won merely because voters voted in the name of Modi. Some really terrible politicians will be coming to authority living under Modi’s shadow.

It is absolute madness!

There’s no doubt that PM Modi’s a showman. He is one guy who has grasped the nation’s heartbeat and knows how to shake the wind. He just wants to get elected as a politician.femonomic

Just as a Bollywood actor understands how to draw people to his side, Modi is one and the same. He’s obviously hit the masses, and that’s why he’s a winner today. Congratulations and celebration.

It is time Congress implodes for a leadership change. 

Meanwhile, RaGa told Kapil Sharma to hold his beer and proved himself to be a better comedian. Rahul Gandhi should be hugged in the manner he hugged PM Modi in parliament after he hastily requested him to stand up from his place.

You are advised, though, not to pull a Priya Prakash Varrier. When you’re tired or uninspired in life, watch Lok Sabha.femonomic

On the other hand, Congress should just chin up, acknowledge the defeat and blame RaGa. Life isn’t a bed of roses. In all respects, the party must introspect and retrospect in order to proceed further. The party is either going to perish or rise from the ashes.

I am reminded of this one statement by Rahul in Tamil Nadu to female students “Look at the world, not from your position, but look at the world from your position“; to which women gave a round of applause. I am sure they must be very active on TikTok.

It’s funny to see Congress losing 120/139 constituencies in which Rahul Gandhi campaigned and 16/17 constituencies in which Priyanka Gandhi campaigned.

Road Aheadfemonomic

Moving on, NDA 2.0 must concentrate on implementing and executing NDA 1.0’s five-year policy scheme, which was more vision and rhetoric. The economic engine needs to revive with bolder reforms and employment generation initiatives. The agri-rural sector requires immediate attention. FPOs must be focused on.

We have to honor the mandate because the Indian General Elections are the world’s biggest testament to the power of democracy. Regardless of the political gap, we hope for a fresh start of inclusive development that empowers the common man and promotes youth participation. We hope for renewed vigor in generating more opportunities for all and pioneering thinking, reforms that allow development and enterprise.femonomic

India must develop by 10 percent over the next 10 years, and we must strive to shed the label of a’ developing’ nation and proudly hold our position in the league of superpowers. India’s aerospace industry has seen notable development over the past five years, and I am convinced that we will proceed to be the world’s fastest increasing aircraft industry. We hope our state will tackle the sector’s structural problems as a matter of urgency. If this is achieved, there is no doubt that Indian airlines will become major worldwide competitors, and India will be a worldwide aircraft center that surpasses Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore.

Still…What do you think?

Nonetheless, what do you think is going to happen next?

  • I believe Modi Biopic will now enter 100 crore clubs and an “Oscar” will come on its own. Another biopic on Pragya will be produced featuring Priyanka Chopra or Kangana to endorse women empowerment and gender justice.
  • Cows will be honored more than women.
  • A corpulent sum of cash will be saved on research and laboratory trials as cancer will be healed by cow urine.
  • News channels will praise the party in power day and night instead of doing their true work.
  • Social activists and specialists in superficial politics will be discovered at every nook and corner.
  • Believers and non-believers are going to fight and die with no personal rivalry at all.

There’s a very simple analogy for elections.

Pragya Thakur prevailed because Digvijay was fielded by Congress. You could pitch a lizard against him, and the lizard would win.

By this election, we must understand that if you don’t play well, you lose. Against an incompetent adversary, the skilled always wins.femonomic

Meanwhile, followers of the AAP inspect their positions from the bottom of the list.

P.S. While winning and losing are two sides of the same coin, we must move forward and do our bit to make this world a better place to live in. Hail India election 2019 and the PM who was promised.


Baadal Bijli Chandan Paani


Elections in India are like an extramarital affair turned ugly

Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

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