Human Rights Are Not Optional.

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  1. Though the term human rights has the word human in it, I don’t how much it actually defines humans.
    The examples you’ve given, they do raise the question that how far have we been able to actually allow humans to live and enjoy their rights!
    It is a serious issue, which can be solved only and only if we start seeing our co inhabitants as humans and not opportunities to display power.
    And as you’ve said, rights are earned by speaking up, let’s hope that those deprived will develop the courage to speak up for their deserved rights.

    1. We are all born under the same sun. We all live under the same sky. We are all human. We all have the same human rights. Unfortunately, not all people have the chance to practice those rights. Unfortunately, some people have their right violated. Unfortunately, some people try to take away and harm other people’s rights. They don’t know or try very hard to forget that human rights are inalienable and indivisible. We do live in a better world. And we have the responsibility to make it even better.
      The world is never going to be perfect. Neither will people.
      Nevertheless, the world can and should be a welcoming place, safe place, a place where people can be who they are, place where they can say what they think. Where they have the freedom to travel, to move, to see and experience new things. The world can and should be a place where people mix and share their experiences. Only through prosperity and respect, humanity can move forward and achieve unimaginable things. Who knows where is the limit?
      However, when people bully other people, when people spread hate, when people put down, attack and discriminate people because they are different, we put limits. We put walls. We stop listening to each other. We stop exchanging experiences, cultures, ideas. We stop learning from each other and we cannot achieve greatness, we cannot move forward. We cannot fix nor repair the things that need to be fixed and repaired. Underneath it all, we are different, but we still have hope, love, and dreams about a better world. We don’t need to agree on our image about how the world can be a better place and we don’t need to want the same future, but we need to see each other as we are. Humans.
      We will never be perfect, but we are all we got. We have each other and we should have each other backs.
      Hate is not an option.
      Respect is!
      Our human rights are our biggest treasure. We should nurture them, protect them, and cherish them.
      Above all, we should respect them. For us, for everyone.

      1. That was an epic reply! And honestly I am speechless! All I feel like saying right now is, “Can I have your autograph please?”
        Your thoughts are so pure and practical! Your words Remind me of a sentence my friend once told me, “Always give your best but expect the worst, try to be perfect but don’t expect the results to be perfect!”
        Have a lovely day and keep inspiring me!

        1. That’s what my mother keeps telling me, “try your best but be prepared for the worst.” I might need your autograph as you are the one leaving rousingly right questions and responses on each post about World sufferings. I think I wrote another blog post in response to you. Have a great day ahead and keep encouraging people to do better as you always do. Thank you, Joseph.

          1. I’m glad to know that I was influencing, and coming from you it’s even me encouraging. Whatever I am, my readers have a very significant role in it.😊😊😊, Keep smiling and keep bringing smiles to others.

  2. You have rightly pointed out some serious instances of human right violations. It is something which would probably exist till the mankind does.
    For the very people who define human rights, talk of it over international platform, are able enough after enjoying the fruits of this menace.
    I just hope people realise a bit earlier in their lives, to condemn such acts in their own little ways..!

  3. Artwork of the very sad photo told a story alone. I believe human life had been de-valued everywhere in our today world. Every life, child or not. Should be important. Human rights is rarely spoken in the USA.

    1. They are scarcely spoken about in India too. Political leaders only bring such expressions into play when they seem befitting and convenient. We and our rights are devalued directly or indirectly on a regular basis. Children are living a life of pain, misery, and desolation and it demonstrates the reality of the world.

        1. That is such an undeserving life to live. The irony is, we then expect children to conquer the world. We face the same predicaments all over the world. We are more similar than different.

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