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Fear is like that annoying relative who calls you twice a year, on the birthday, and when results are out. There are wise people like Mr. Napoleon Hill, who calls fear merely a state of mind. To me, fear is like that embarrassing and nosy relative who seeks information only to gossip about it later and grows resistant to your dismissal techniques. So, we come face to face with how to overpower our Fears?

However, fear is the buddy courage can’t do without, just like how light doesn’t exist without darkness. Positives and negatives go hand in hand. Doesn’t it feel great after climbing the mountain you feared? Or going up on the stage for your first ever public speaking event? The adrenaline rush and incredible joy after defeating the fear are one of a kind. You would never experience the feeling of achievement if you don’t overcome the fears.

My pressing concern stems when the annoying relative soars on your head and becomes impossibly inescapable. A galling shadow. It governs you, upsets your inner juxtaposition and outer personality, and suppresses you like capitalists. Just like potatoes, fears come in distinct forms and sizes. You cease to be zealous in the presence of fear. You lose the opportunity to grow when you let fears override your decisions.

Fear contrasts and can be eccentric from individual to individual. To overcome fears is definitely not a cakewalk, and munching cliché readings all over the internet doesn’t work either. But can we ever be absolutely fearless? Ah, no! Without the fears, we would not be who we are. Fears make us mortal, but they also make it rather sad and stagnant if not taken care of.

Fear is not an enormous dragon who will eat us up. It’s just a mental block we give too much importance to. It’s artificial. Fear within keeps us away from non-existent risks created by beliefs imposed on us by outdated instincts.

Our mental and physical well-being is of the utmost importance. We have to do the best we can to keep our bodies, minds, and souls healthy. Healthy is anything but a bed of roses, and all happy-go-lucky. Rather, a balance of positive and negative.

How to overpower your Fears!

Gotta do everything in your power to be the best version of yourself. And, that can only turn into a reality when you unclog the mental pores. I wouldn’t casually ask someone to throw off fear out of the window just like that. Since you know precisely what you’re worried or fearful about. Face it as if it were lower than you, and you could nail it. You are your life’s protagonist. You have the authority to beat all the odds inside.

And, why not, you’re really a shining star! You’re shaping it, growing it, and nailing it on the top. There’s nothing more significant than you. If you believe you can, you’ll crash your concerns. There must be some activities you love like Yoga, Meditation, Religious Practices, Music, Physiotherapy, Dance, Cooking, Reading, etc. The sky is the limit.

I’m more than sure; it’s not just going to help you, but will make you lighter and feel happier because I’ve been there too and won it. Be accessible to everyone. Yes, you read that right. Bare your fears to your family and close friends. It’s better to share than anchoring it on your own for no fault of yours.

Why let yourselves go through something that doesn’t let you have what you deserve; peace and happiness?

Dump and flush your fears when they control you. It’s just an opportunity to grow and level up in life!


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Eileen Dow
Eileen Dow

Eileen’s determination comes from 4 cups of French Vanilla from Timmy’s. With the experience of over 1.5 years in content creation, she smashes the edits like a ninja. She calls herself fluent in sarcasm, but we know she truly loves to edit and call out people on their mistakes. Politely.

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