There are majestic things in the world we live in but there are only a few things in life that are as cute as watching animals sleep peacefully but seeing a dog smile, run and bark in its sleep is one of a kind euphoria. But If you’re a lucky canine owner, it’s unlikely you’ve not seen your furry adorable friend go on…

So now you get the hint, this post is about the dog in his sleep. I have three adopted dogs and they sometimes run around slamming their head and butt into each other, sometimes in the walls too. They don’t even skip a beat and keep running and chasing each other like nothing happened while I make a pitiful aww!! But, I also secretly like the part when they head-butt the wall.de98e0909edcd002f0771a9974c5fd4aWe don’t need to inspect any scientific studies to realize that dogs dream. Let’s be real. Either they dream, or are possessed by a crazed spirit. Make your choice.

So I was lucky enough this time to witness my dog rolling in his sleep, smiling and twitching his feet like running. His cute little paws wiggling and his face twitching like he smells lemons. No. He has never managed to get on his feet and literally run. But he smiles, drools and certainly practices for a marathon or chasing the cutie that lives in the neighborhood, I am sure. He seems to have a recurring dream. Run, Run and chew on something.

Sometimes the dog laughs so hard that he poops a little. Sometimes he whimpers in his sleep. I assume it indicates food cravings. He could also be having a dream in which he needs to pee really badly but can’t find a good place! Who knows right!! There’s a reason they say ‘let the sleeping dog lie“. The brain is supposed to stop the body from moving during dreaming (at least in humans but I suspect with most animals too).

I got scared once after a dream when I realized my dog would brutally kill me in my sleep. He was only asleep in real.

I’ve always wondered what a dog would think after waking up from a bad dream, like “WTF?”


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