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Gaurav Sharma with a little bit of this and that, has already overwhelmed the world as an author of 4 books with his literary and academic skills. “Gone are the Days” is a fiction and nowadays on the promotion spree. He is a bigshot already and carries a swag in abundance. But there’s more to him than the number of books he has authored, his witty charm, which has been lately sparkled in a rapid-fire rendezvous amid rapid sends. Dive in further to befriend him because he is obsessed with food, video games, and chaiya chaiya song. Yes, in that orderTotally your kinda guy! 

  1. Gaurav, tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

Ans: I don’t know how much of an importance does this bear but I often dream about jumping off a building and seconds before hitting the ground I wake up. I have been dreaming like this since past 20 years now. I don’t know why this happens. Do you know? And don’t tell me to Google it.

  1. What is your favorite place to write, and why?

Ans: A place devoid of people and noise becomes my favorite place to write. Perhaps, my brain derives creativity out of zero and solitude.

  1. What is the most amusing thing that has ever happened to you?

Ans: I think the most amusing thing is still about to happen in life. However, knowing that there is someone who understands you is a great thing, I realized lately.

  1. Any hidden or uncommon talents?

Ans: I can cook Maggi in less than 5 minutes and it’s delicious most of the times. Like in less than 5 minutes! Umm…does it count as a talent?

  1. Who would you save your last dance for, and why?

Ans: For the love of my life, only if I could find one. And for obvious reasons.

  1. This, or that?

Ans: This! With a little bit of that too. HAHAHA!

  1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Ans: Onions, pineapples, some more onions, more pineapples and pineapples, and onions. That would be all!

  1. What’s your worst pet peeve?

Ans: Struggle to open the badly stuck drawstring of my pajama, especially when I have to pee.

  1. If you have to wear a t-shirt with one word on it for the rest of your life. Which word do you choose?

Ans: Ghanta! is the word.

  1. Million dollar question, if the entire world is a stage, where does the audience sit?

Ans: Audience sits on the pile of shit.

  1. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality comes from morons?

Ans: In a way, yes! Morons help us know what must not be included as a standard of morality. So, not practicing what morons do is morality itself.

  1. What are some of your favorite words, and why?

Ans: Favorite words keep on changing depending on my needs and their context of usage. But ‘Shit’ is one of my favorite words in the English language. I subconsciously use it almost daily. It seems to be the most functional word in the English language.

I mean, you can buy shit, tell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, fuck shit, tell others to eat shit and write shit. Besides, you can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit and the wrong shit and with people who are dumb shit, crazy shit, horse shit and what not! I mean it’s BULLSHIT!

  1. What if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?

Ans: He would die from rabies and the world would become a better place to live.

  1. Why do your feet smell and nose runs?

Ans: Because English is the biggest troll happened to mankind.

  1. Are you a morning or night person?

Ans: In the morning, I am a slave of 9 to 5. In the night, I gear up myself for the next day’s slavery. In between a person exists in despair.

  1. If I wasn’t afraid I would……. Try writing romance fiction.
  2. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?

Ans: I wish I could have my faith in God. I wish I could eliminate money. Rather, not let it be created in the first place. I wish I could become a filthy rich atheist!

  1. If you could go to the past or future, where would you stay and why?

Ans: Past has gone and it was not that great. Future gives some hope. So I would like to go see my future.

  1. Name one thing that drives you crazy.

Ans: Close encounter with smokers live in action drives me nuts.

  1. Share a funny incident in your life.

Ans: I was born in a Punjabi family, spent my childhood in Bihar, moved to Delhi and then to    Canada. I chose science stream after grade tenth so that I could become an engineer; ended up being admitted to a journalism program. After that, studied business and now planning to study journalism again. Isn’t that funny?

Normally, people establish themselves as a professional by the age of 25. However, I would be studying for 2 more years and by the age of 27 figure out what to do with my life. What funnier could I ask for?

  1. If you had to endure one natural disaster (i.e. hurricane, tornado, etc), what would you pick and why?

Ans: Flood. Because I have been in Sitamarhi and witnessed many floods. I know what it feels like. Moreover, people generally can prepare in advance to protect them from being affected by it.

  1. Have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backward, or your slippers on, and when realizing it, just said fuck it?

Ans: Yes, many times. In fact, I prefer going outside in my slippers, worn out T-shirt and loose pajama. I am not very fond of clothing. However, there are times when I am forced to wear sophisticated clothes according to the occasion. Life is hard, but I got to live you know.

  1. What do you think about eBook revolution?

Ans: Why is this question related to books now? Ask something funny, Lovey!

  1. If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

Ans: Let’s not talk about my books today. I would rather like to spend time with someone real.

  1. Is there anything you would like to say about Femonomic?

Ans: Femonomic is one of the best web-blogs I have ever come across. Your content is so freshly brewed and I like the way you present your opinions. You are a vanguard blogger, I must say!

  1. Why am I asking you these questions?!!

Ans: Because you have got nothing to do today.

  1. What is the end, Gaurav?

Ans: This is the end, Lovey. Right here, right now! And it ends here peacefully, thank god!!


Gaurav Sharma, with a little bit of this and that! was originally published on Femonomic

Eileen Dow
Eileen Dow

Eileen’s determination comes from 4 cups of French Vanilla from Timmy’s. With the experience of over 1.5 years in content creation, she smashes the edits like a ninja. She calls herself fluent in sarcasm, but we know she truly loves to edit and call out people on their mistakes. Politely.

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