I am happy to announce that “femonomic; women invite crime” is out and about to shatter the ceilings and wall lights. It is about war, love, pain, suffering, men, women and their children.

You can now order my first ever book titled “Femonomic: Women Invite Crime”. It addresses social issues in a poetic format. It is dedicated to all the good men out there. It’s getting easier to find good men around. 

I’m not an expert on any of the social subjects poetically discussed in the book. Although I have been an ardent observer of the societal order and its fandom for a long time now, they still shock me every day.

I’ve penned poetry on several social issues. Many of them, I truly believed in, but some of them, I wrote just because I thought it was something that must be addressed and written about.

Before you order, you can sample the chapters written so far down below.

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