Do men buy sanitary pads/tampons for women in their lives if they ask? Moreover, would Indian men do that? People CAN NOT even discuss menstruation, a lot many people find it humiliating to buy such supplies in a country like India. I don’t want to demean as I understand, this gawkiness is rather natural as it’s a taboo deeply rooted in the society. Indian men are not given the “talk” by their guardian angels and are only informed and educated about menstruation through Biology books or graphical ads on TV. Also, Masculine and feminine roles are strictly erected by society.

I also think today’s generation is defying the norms. Men of today are bigger than their bogus egos, well, most of them are. Let’s not generalize. I am acquainted with both the kinds of men, the one who thinks menstruation is gross and a woman should rather be pregnant all her life to not bleed and the one who thinks it is as normal as peeing, pooping and burping (thank god, these are the kind of men I live around!!). I appreciate the latter’s mother for bringing them up well and doing society a favor. 

We are swarming with 7529394900 humans right now, out of whom 3797885990 are females blessed with ovaries, uteruses, vaginas. We can safely say that there are over two billion people that experience monthly menstrual cycle. While another some hundred million or so who used to menstruate have now passed menopause. yay

All of us are thriving today because many human female chose to make use of their uterus that eventually enabled the big-headed male to gestate from the nascent state into a fully developed human baby in the coziness of nutrient-rich blood that is there because of the menstrual cycle. Get it?

Engineering a human life requires a lot of Byzantine and delicate machinery. But, nature instituted a way to roll all that up and fit it inside woman’s abdomen. However, it comes with a price associated with this miraculous ability. The uterus drains once a month, it cramps up and messes up the resilience to pain and occasional blasts with an onslaught of hormones. So, yeah, man up and deal with it or live without women forever.

Would you really inconvenience someone you love and care about most in the world to relieve yourself of a relatively small discomfort that you can’t even rationally explain in the first place? The only people that have a grave issue with menstruation are men, who then scandalize women to not pretend to be perfect dolls and bloodless to ensure that little boys don’t have emotional breakdowns.

If you are just a beginner then I would literally and happily help you, when your partner is unprepared for the mortal combat pounding within her stomach. It is the time to hit the road. Get her some maxi pads with wings (no, they don’t fly), some soft fleece pants, a heating pad and her favorite chocolate and you’re sorted for the best partner award. Dealing with a period is already challenging enough for women, people who love them shouldn’t add to it due to some testosterone fuelled stereotype idea.

Men can freely run into pharmacies looking for condoms but not for sanitary pads? Because buying condoms makes you look like someone getting laid while sanitary pads make you feel like any less of man to someone who is not even your partner?? How outrageously lame do you have to be to not buy sanitary pads for your partner if she asked? What’s the point here? I love you, but not enough to help you survive your internal bleeding?

Men need to step up their game and just get over it. Almost two fucking Billion people menstruate. Women in your home and lives are just a few of them. Visualise if you had an entirely natural and indispensable bodily monthly cycle for 50 years of life that came with thrashing cramps, hammering headaches, terrible joint pains, vexing insomnia and untimely food cravings and women in your life mocked you every time and refused to buy you supplies you need while you curl up wrapped in a bundle of pain then how would you feel bro? You would feel like she doesn’t deserve a sweetheart like you. She is a cruel nasty bitch. Right?

When Men are okay with popping in their erect penis into vaginas with some regularity and that’s something they enjoy doing then they should be perfectly comfortable with what’s coming out of there too. Let me burst your bubble and tell you, Vagina is more than a fuck spot. You don’t even have to do anything more than being a little kind and helpful.

Hygiene products are perfectly normal. It’s not even a question of indecision to buy them for your loved ones. I don’t think the people at the counter selling products care about you or your life. They have a job to do and debts to pay. They wouldn’t give a fuck about your teensy-weensy little ego. There’s no shame in being there for your loved ones. It indicates maturity; sincerity and that you care more about your partner than cashiers on the counter unless you don’t love them at all.

It is a pleasure to reciprocate to love and who doesn’t want love? Get your priorities right.


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