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You know what? I think I am going through ‘Information Fatigue Syndrome’. So, I am doing what any sensible person would do and taking the matter to the internet.

More information, More confusion

With the democratization of information, the major challenge is to maneuver through not only finding information but also to pick relevant information from the noise. We are being told far more than we can assimilate.  Information Overload is one of the major barriers to effective communication.

The fact is, we have access to an assortment of information and communication tools. The pertinent question, however, is how do we narrow down the colossal number of Facebook posts, YouTube videos, magazines and blog posts easily available to us? How do we prosper in the midst of a magnanimous flood of content?

Our inbuilt automated information retrieval system can implode when bombarded with too much data.

Types of Information

We are basically fed three types of information: Too Much Information (TMI), not enough information and wow! Is it even qualified to be informative? After a point, the line between getting smarter and learning useless facts gets blurred.

Shrilling debates on news channels, marathon watching Tiktok (Hail the judiciary!) videos at night, and reading rubbish can sometimes start out as a simple analysis but eventually piles up to unnecessary IO. Take elections as an example, our brains are being pulled in so many directions (like ginger) so much so that the information we consume interferes with our own opinions. The amount of information for an election is funnily too damn high!

There is just too much misinformation disguised as information too, which often makes it harder to tell what is reliable and what is questionable. You must be smarter than a fifth grader to figure it out. It’s on you. You are the Magistrate. You are Sherlock Holmes. You are the master of your mind lusting for worthless information!

Many “devote” time to reading garbage and watching “motivational” videos to avoid procrastination only to further procrastinate what’s important. The dedication to look at tweets, texts, emails, the endless stream of pointless articles on Facebook, those viral videos we can’t help but click on, the zillion phone photos and videos we take, fleeting Snapchat photos and more is a story for another day.

Some dive into the grey area of information overload that brings them in contact with many ‘Angel Priyas’ and ‘Sonam Bewafas’ while others diagnose their imaginary illness, hunt 10 ways to get back your ex and seek possible home treatments for headaches that the internet often terms as budding cancer symptoms.

Digitally cancerous

You are deep in cancer if you look up probable illnesses on the Internet indicating your symptoms. It can be cancerous because no matter what you are looking for, the word cancer is going to pop up like a bunny! Google has some kind of fetish or something regarding cancer. Again, don’t trust everything you read on the Internet.

The reason for information overload is Too Much Information to such a degree whereby an individual feels that they have squandered their time. In some cases, this overconsumption can turn into a repetitive habit that resembles obsession like we hold off making a decision until we have more information that we can do really well without.

Logic Ladder

We consume more information than our brains are configured to process. The conscious mind can internalize three, maybe four, things at once. If you cross the barricade, you begin to lose track of things, exercise poorer judgment and you lose your focus.

According to research, we’ve created more information in the last decade than in all of human history before that. It is estimated there were 30 Exabytes of information 10 years ago and today, there’s 300 Exabytes of information. So much in the name of growth!


Streamline your intake

I think someone should stop me from looking up stuff I don’t really care about at 2 am in the morning. Can we just have a system where we can say “We are closed now? We are not accepting any more information. We need to rebuffer”?

Focus only on vitals

Also, only if some garrulous people could hold their Ferguson report and just talk in a sentence or two, the world would be a better place.

Be thoughtful and less stressful

I think we should start watching the news with the sound turned off. Do you think that would help with information overload?

Humor yourself about everything

I think we should revolutionize “information diet” just like a keto diet. I am sure the former will do a better job in sending you into a ketosis state.

Beware of misinformation and information overload

Train your mind to select, read, process and absorb better.

Use your mind efficiently and productively because why not?

Information is an essential asset. Don’t transform into the neighborhood aunty busy consuming gigabytes of frivolous information & gossip all at once .

Don’t dive into the grey area trying to get rid of an oily face when you can simply get rid of the oily skin.

Relax your neural circuits so you can avert decision fatigue, focus & vote better!

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