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So, Mainstream “Feminism” has done wonders for us as people refuse to call themselves “feminists” anymore. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that now people equate it with not shaping your brows or shaving your legs? Or just the term sounds unattractive in itself? It does if you ask me. But now being called a “feminist” conjures up a shitload of negative images of women being nitpicky and manipulative about small things regarding men and behavior and refusing to even wear makeup and heels. For many young people, modern feminism is a hypocritical state where women don’t have their priorities straight.

And I certainly agree. It’s the modern version I’m aiming at. Feminism started originally as a movement in the late 19th century to fight against domestic violence, sexual harassment, right to education right to health and contraceptive pill, freedom of choice and a lack of job opportunities. Original “feminism” was fought to ensure a better and widely different quality of life for the female population as they were behind. And, now mainstream feminism has taken away all the attention from real issues.

Modern “Feminism” alienates men from the conversation. I acknowledge that there is a persistent double standard for men and women, but demonizing men isn’t going to resolve anything (btw, that is called Sexism). I’ve had countless conversations with men who try to be chivalrous and catch flak from women who want to educate them for perpetuating misogyny, and instead of being enlightened, these men are confused and annoyed. In order to stop violence and injustice against women, women should encourage men’s participation, not relegate them to the role of the archenemy. Men need to be empowered along with women to understand how to stop rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment.

Women now use “Modern Feminism” as per their convenience and to be rewarded highly than men. It has turned into a never-ending game between sexes. Feminism, come hell or high water, comes into play while taking seats in trains, putting on makeup and heels, Calling God “He” and don’t even get me started now. Feminism doesn’t value men as anything but scum.

We do need feminism but to change the outlook of society where Rape, Molestation, Domestic violence and Acid Attacks are not acceptable (in cases of Men too). But we don’t need feminism because the boy held open the door and paid for the dinner date. And we certainly don’t need feminism because a woman was accidentally called a “girl.” Feminism is above such trivial issues. There are real issues in the world to deal with.

Female anti-feminism is nothing new. In the 19th century, plenty of women were hostile to the women’s movement and to women who pursued nontraditional paths.

Over and again, modern feminism stereotypes men as predators and women as helpless victims who need outside protection—ironically, probably more protection than in any macho film (Bullshit films). Feminism’s message comes across as patronizing and elitist. Focusing on the idea that all women need to become overachieving corporate leaders who don’t “need a man or children” in their lives has countered what feminism originally stood for: allowing women freedom to choose the life they want. It belittles any woman who consciously chooses to be a mother or pick a “girly” profession.

Feminism today has quantified what a modern woman is supposed to be like, and anything else seems regressive. Maybe that’s why most feminists have come to be known as man-haters who can’t stand being belittled for the littlest things. The truth is a lot of the issues (systemic gender inequality, hierarchy issues, and denial of reproductive rights, sexual violence, and domestic abuse) that made feminism a necessity still exist. But they don’t feel the same. And we don’t approach them the same way.

They say if you want to change the world, then do it! Modern “Radical Feminists,” say women change the world all the time. You can, too. Get your law degree. Run for office. Make it happen. Those things are real, and they’re possible. Just don’t use your sex as a reason as to why you get ahead. But I say, we need Real Feminism to get an education as girls are still not sent to Schools in major parts of the World. One of the methods to eliminate global poverty is to educate women, as they constitute the majority of the world’s poor.

It’s about having the freedom to be exactly who you want to be, even if you haven’t figured out what that is yet. And, Men are anything but supporters. Why wouldn’t they want well-educated and level-headed women in their lives? They all do. Because it’s not about defying the system or breaking a tradition. And it’s definitely not about leg hair or tint of makeup.

P.S “Feminazi” is a dumb term anyway.


Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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