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Okay. So I’ve a lot of varied feelings about this movie. This is not the kind of a review. Those are all over the Internet. You don’t need me. You know the theme of the blog. It’s all about feels, vibes and interpretations. Honestly, it has been more or less two years since I have watched any usual Bollywood flick. Nonetheless, I decide to watch this one because of the great expanse of flak it received. I thought how bad can it be?

Thus, the opening of the movie gives me a decent feel. It is rather unconventional for a KJo movie. The screenplay and direction is brilliant here. But then again, as always, the lead woman is begging to get married and the man is telling her to back off. Completely usual. Why? Because, women are made-up to get married. Right? (Even if she were to become a world famous painter).  Early in this film, Siddharth tells katrina that he wants more from life than their marriage, he wants a career which is unlikely to take off if he ties himself down to her. Because we see evidence all around us in real life that marriage ends or slows down most women’s professional journeys, we never discuss the possibility of it being a hurdle in the way of a man’s professional dreams. After all, most wives follow their husbands wherever they are transferred, manage the home and children so that he can bag that next promotion and that next pay hike, and let their own ambitions take a backseat? It was curious to see a man expressing a fear we usually expect from a woman. This was an idea worth exploring but falls by the wayside as the film trundles along to a socially acceptable conclusion that would please a conservative audience.

Then one way or another, the man realizes how good looking his lady is and somehow gets convinced to marry her. Then there is a typical Bollywood shaadi song, undoubtedly, a good song. It is probably going to be on the loop in weddings to come. And bleh bleh….And boom. The film starts with an exceptional plot.

Siddharth just keeps waking up in different years and has no clue what has happened in the years that have gone by. So Sidharth Malhotra is forced to keep the same dazed and confused expression on his face through the film. The concept of an individual getting a glimpse of their future and coming back in time to correct the present has been repeatedly visited by Hollywood. It has not, however, been explored in contemporary Hindi commercial films so when Sidharth wakes up one day after a fight with Katrina to find himself fast forwarded in time and place to their honeymoon in Thailand, it is natural to expect an unconventional film. My mind twitches to anticipate that writer may have given him an exaggerated version of Kleine-Levin Syndrome or Trypanosomiasis. Then there is another interesting plot, Yes, Time travel. You know how happy that makes me? I am impressed again that KJo made this movie. Really!! Good going.

Although, I don’t even want to talk about the story. Siddharth’s confusion, his regret over his mistakes, his desperation to return and fix what he messed up, and the suspense over how this will all turn out is enjoyable. His attack of commitment phobia in the beginning is abrupt and therefore unconvincing, but excusable because what follows is intriguing for a while. I can let off some glitches here and there if KJo has introduced a rare sleeping syndrome, Sci-fi and time travel, all three together. You know how big of a deal that it is?

Then the curse of the second half strikes. Then the film starts to take a toll on me. I do not encourage this, where you don’t chase your dreams. Get married and waste your life instead of achieving greater heights?  I say waste here because; both the individuals want different things in life so that’s wasting? No? Yes? You can definitely build an empire together. But read, together. This is regressive and that’s why India is lagging behind!  In Sultan, girl gives up Olympic dreams for Marriage and Kids and in this movie, genius mathematician settles down for mediocrity instead of making it big in Harvard and potential world famous painter becomes a  depressed housewife!!!! This is not what we want youngsters to learn! Please go and Make India proud!!!! 

Any who, I get carried away with emotions. Then there are kids, divorces, Hint of an affair, re-marriage, Deaths. Expected. How can you not? It is KJo.

Now, I am hooked to the screen waiting for revelations of some interesting sub versions.
And, I am ultimately hit by it. He is dreaming. DREAMING. All of that is just a dream. DREAM.  A Nightmare for me, though. I am speechless. Do you remember the time when MSG released? My brain cells died. But that was expected. This time? I can’t even express.There lies no story. Like NO STORY. No story at all. This reminded me, Why I don’t watch Bollywood movies anymore. Don’t judge me.

Now the Highlighters; You have to admit actors and actresses of KJo movies are always charming and beautiful, including supporting artistes; Sayani gupta and Rohan Joshi. Katrina remains a limited actor, but it is only fair to say that she is becoming more at ease in front of the camera with each passing film. Malhotra is a fine actor in possession of perhaps the most sensitive pair of eyes after Shah Rukh and Ajay Devgan. The good thing about these movies is that when the story fails, you can focus on the styling. Baar Baar Dekho is impeccably good-looking. The locations are lovely and so are the outfits. It’s also a pleasure to see strong actors like Sarika (after such a long time), Ram Kapoor and Rajit Kapur. Time travel and tiny elements of Sci-fi by KJo? We got to give him some credit
They are imparting life lessons every now and then. If you miss them at some point, characters spell it out for you. Badi baaton pe nahin, chhoti baaton pe dhyan do”. And a sagely professor of mathematics declares: “Balance ke bagair koi equation perfect nahin hoti”.
Hindi films rarely get ageing make-up right, but this one does. The team deserves kudos for their work on Malhotra and Kaif.

It emphasizes that true love lies not in grand gestures but in those little details, contrary to what Bollywood has been telling us for years. It reminds us that life is nothing but a series of ‘nows’ that we need to make the most of. And, above all, it shows us that even the best of relationships needs constant nurture and taking care of – because ‘happily ever after’ is, ultimately, always a work-in-progress. Certainly it is unusual to see a Hindi film in which a hero apologises to his fiancé/girlfriend/wife (Sultan too did that recently – surprise surprise); it is just as unusual to see a husband point out that his career decisions affect his wife as much as they affect him and he has no right to make up his mind about some things without consulting her.

While, if you have read it, till the end. I would advise you to watch this movie if you haven’t yet. I want you to bear the same torture I bore. Good luck.


Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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