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Women are always crying, nagging and fucking ranting all the time in the name of sexual abuse!! What is wrong with this gender!! Be blessed, arrogant minds. I pity you. 

Who doesn’t like ballsy men and women? Most people with only balls up their head.

#Metoo has hit India in all its glory and might. I am glad that men & women are fearlessly and finally addressing the elephant in the room despite constant slut shaming and victimization.

Women have been hushed for decades owing to synthetic notions like disbelief, abuse of power and societal humiliation. This is happening for generations and years. The issue here is bigger than Beatles.

It is the deplorable mindset looking at the expanse of horrific tales.

It does take a hell lot of mettle and strength to talk about something that once crushed you into bits and pieces.

I am all for speaking up to make a difference. Now, not every claim is authentic. The current energy is very intense and chaotic communication. All we have to do is stay real, raw & transparent and we will naturally gravitate away from anyone with ulterior motives, plans and intentions. I am sure some of the accounts come from vindictive women. We just have to take that chance and refuse to play into it. Save yourself for mutual kindness, respect and integrity.

The movement relies too much on social media justice but, just a woman’s or man’s word doesn’t send the accused to the jail. The perpetrator will continue to be the same dickhead after the movement fades away as usual. The movement can be hijacked easily, and that isn’t what compos mentis minds should bet for.

There are flaws that can’t be dismissed yet everybody must be encouraged, heard and believed as the wealth of incidents and details suggest most of them are real.

Women are blatantly questioned why they spoke now! And, those people I tell you my dear are just some wasted sperms. They just add another comical touch to the tragedy. People can’t be industriously celebrated when they have misbehaved and violated a woman’s dignity, be it a few days or decades back. People who play with fire get to burn down to ashes.

We don’t have a safe environment for women to speak up. We are quick to victim blame when they speak after number of years. But, how about making them feel safe so they can ask for justice right then and there without being harassed by police and administration? Create a safe haven for people in your life so they can feel free to express themselves.

Women are any way called insane when they speak uncomfortable truths. When a woman feels rage, it is held against her. When a woman stays silent, she is called stupid and spineless for not having a voice. Her basic right of screaming and talking about pain is snatched away as per convenience of some motherfuckers .

Let the woman decide what real harassment is and what’s not. She has lived it, you haven’t. If society’s ‘textbook‘ rules worked, children, women, men and even animals would have been safer and secure.

#MeToo certainly gives you a voice for the time being but will have done nothing to improve a terrible lot of ordinary Indian women. Let me shed some light on what I mean. I am reminded of two shocking and disgusting incidents.

A couple in Rajasthan’s Banswara district who married against the wishes of their families were stripped naked and publicly molested. The video of this ‘honourable’ event was joyfully put up on social media. I can just not forget the expression on the face of that beautiful naked girl, forced to sit on her partner’s shoulder while young boys poked sticks at her before tossing her on the broken ground to rape her.

And, I am as gravely troubled by the recent video on social media of a tiny naked girl being made to lie down while her grandfather tries to rape her. She was saved by passers-by and quietly put her frock on and went into her home. She seemed accustomed to regular rape.

And it is so common that such stories rarely make headlines which are more of a reason for us to speak, hear and act now. The real abuse of women in India stems from the atrocious mindset. More than a hundred Indian women get raped every day, four out of 10 are children, and 94 per cent of the perpetrators are relatives and close ones.

It is possible that MeToo will soon disappear from front pages and TV conversations and the tales that came forward will disappear into obscurity.

I genuinely hoped that things would really change after Nirbhaya’s brutal gangrape and murder. They did not. All that we got was another law. We already have heaps of ineffective laws.

We must all listen before we judge because misogyny unites shitheads. Some people don’t understand right or wrong, but the only perversion. The movement is disgraced and discouraged at the drop of a hat. If only children and women were protected this often, the world would’ve been different.

What next? We as a society need some action and not mere talking. We need to ensure something is genuinely done to avoid this from happening again and again. We need more Indians who are so angry about the routine crimes against women and children.

Our educated men and women of the society need to use the movement to learn and be aware. Above all, to spread knowledge and to be inclusive. I vow to try.


Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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