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“She is profusely bleeding”, her older sister, chihiro shrieks.
“Whattttt”, her younger sister Emma, questions screamingly.
“Take her to the hospital already”, their mother’s voice comes screeching through 5 rooms. “Shall we change her clothes before? They are all bloody red.” Emma asks while rubbing her sweaty palms in the realms of anxiety. She had always been soft-hearted and compassionate towards her family.

Mother arrives on the spot, swiftly picks up her pregnant daughter to take to the hospital. Sisters help along taking in the soupçon of blood. It is a midnight full of painting like stars but distrait for them.

Their “house” mainly consists of women; mother and two sisters. Their two brothers are little, oblivious of misfortunes in the family. Father is a long time forgotten figure. He has departed away.

They make attempts to arrange mode of transportation to reach hospital but fails miserably. It can be quite challenging, even more at midnight in the interiors of Bahadurgarh, Haryana. They make efforts to call her husband to inform him about his wife’s condition but bombs. They leave no stone unturned to ask for help around but fail habitually. Why would anybody open their door at midnight to save a life? In real world, No one. It is a day of duds and hurt.

“I know how to drive, we just need a car” Chihiro aggressively says.
“Act immediately; we can’t afford her to lose any more blood”, their mother agitatedly retorts.

They can’t take Emma along to the hospital. She is needed at home to take care of her younger siblings as well as children of Chihiro. A car shows up out of nowhere on the dark road and A stranger. Total stranger, 5”5 feet tall man steps out of his car to inquire, sent directly from heaven as a guiding angel, he takes the plunge instantly and helps them to adjust her in the back seat of the car, unaware of shades of her blood on his almost white clothes. All the traffic rules are going to be broken today. He speeds through empty roads at the speed of 110km/hr to reach hospital. She is carping and crying in pain breathlessly at the back seat of his car in the lap of her mother. Her mother holds her hand and makes failed attempts to pacify her. She awfully tells her mother amidst the chaos to take care of the family and unborn child in case she is gone. Her mother cups her crying face and tells her sternly, “I will not let anything wrong happen to you. You are braver than you think. We have had worse.”

And, they reach the hospital, hoping in time. The gentleman helps her out of the car and lifts her in his arms to take her insides of the hospital while Chihiro and her mother call for help. Nurses come storming out with stature and help the gentleman to put her down. They immediately take her inside the operation theatre, calling out for doctors. Chihiro, mother and the savior wait outside the operation theatre to know what is happening, what are the chances and mainly how much money do they need to arrange. That’s the most common concern for poor people in distress. A nurse comes out and asks them to fill in the required details at the reception. As Chihiro moves in the direction of the reception to do the needful, another nurse calls out for the mother only to ask, what they have been dreading since she started bleeding, “We need you to choose between your daughter and the child.” The gentleman tries to show support by holding mother’s hand while tearing up.

Her mother valiantly replies, “My daughter, SAVE MY DAUGHTER”. The nurse immediately goes back to notify doctor and keeps going back and forth in the theatre to supply essentials as family prays for her life.

Meanwhile, the younger sister, Emma looks after children at home, persistently crying and praying for her lovely sister. She always loved her more than anybody else. She thinks to herself, “Only if we had phones, I would have called them to ask about her condition.” She realizes abysmally how poor they are. Her mind also comes across the same thought their mother had, earlier at the hospital. Expenses of the hospital.

All of them pray for a miracle, a marvel of nature, with folding hands in a bow pose. Their feelings go upside down as often as nurse goes back and forth.

And, voice of a baby outrageously crying comes out of the room!!!! Mother had asked nurse to save her daughter. “Why is the baby crying?” Chihiro asks confusedly.

Lovey Chaudhary
Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

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