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Lovey Chaudhary

A communications major, academic researcher, author, sunset photographer, and hardcore marketing professional with the experience of over 6+ years in the industry, Lovey is always looking up witty ways to address taboo subjects in a simple yet hard-hitting manner.

Zainul Abideen

Zainul Abideen

An IT Graduate with a passion for Open Source Technologies, Zainul is a Software Developer with 5+ years of experience in Full-Stack JavaScript, PHP & WordPress. He is all about food and coding. He gets spammed whenever femonomic gets bugged.
Stalwart Megatron

Stalwart Megatron

Stalwart Megatron has been writing on a variety of topics from a fairly young age and wishes to publish a novel (or five) someday. The quintessential 90’s kid loves to watch movies and listen to a varied spectrum of music. When he is not writing for us, he’s either exploring multiple galaxies in ‘No Man’s Sky’ or riding his bike into the night.
Anita Deswal

Anita Deswal

Dr. Anita is the brightest one over here with a PhD. in economics and sociology, and almost everything else. With 10+ years of experience as a professor, she brings expertise, knowledge, and metaphorical analogies to the table. A pro at gender & diversity, the education system, and maths, Anita is a gem of a professional.

Ram Madhav

Who holds the fort when femonomic gets bugged or candidates get off track? It’s our very own Ram Madhav. He is the man with the best communication and management skills. With only 2 years of experience, he continues to prove his mettle as an HR for femonomic. Did we tell you; he has the best hair on the team?

Eileen Dow

Eileen’s determination comes from 4 cups of French Vanilla from Timmy’s. With the experience of over 1.5 years in content creation, she smashes the edits like a ninja. She calls herself fluent in sarcasm, but we know she truly loves to edit and call out people on their mistakes. Politely.

Jordan Meyers

A fashion designer by profession but a writer by choice, Jordan loves to write about issues close to her heart. She loves to associate herself with relevant content and speak up when necessary but with valid points. Her first love is her pup, whom he named brown because he was brown. She wanted to call it just a dog. But that was too funny even for her.
Morgan Drew

Morgan Drew

Is there a comfortable way to address women’s issues? Issues that we need to have a serious conversation about and potentially abolish? Morgan is not sure yet, but definitely here to try! With a degree in English and Cultural Studies, She is an angry and unapologetic lady. A pro at dealing with big topics with grace, kindness, and most of all: humor, Morgan is here to shatter the ceilings.

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Morgan Drew

Morgan Drew

Stalwart Megatron

 Stalwart Megatron 

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