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What hurt me the most?
My very own thoughts,
writing for the long dots.

Little child consumed time glaring at the ceiling
typically in a chair facing the direction, he was sited in wheeling
He received visitors merrily
Some came to bathe him, change him verily
and fix him up in every few hours aurally
they came to swindle the machine
only to keep him breathing,
suction him to the sound of a cough
Some crush a cup full of pills
only to bring them down his tube
Doctors came in once a month
To bill him for lengthy insurance

Them go around slowing down his death
only to by stand one horror after another breath

The family begged every time he serpentine
snubbing his shrewd death knocking at the door
how I wish they weren’t going through this

Abysmal mother loved him more
and more with each passing day

Temperature and seizure seemed friendlier than ever
been years since he smiled or laughed never

Constant pain and agony overwhelmed him eternally
the sore bed, deformed muscles, strained ligaments
immature colonies of unrelated bugs predicaments
we’re ready to bid adieu to disgusting reality sibilants

it took a decade to realize that he would never speak again
it took a decade to realize that he would never walk again
it took a decade to realize that he would never eat again
It took a decade to realize he had died already
only to become a false hope for his family

Was it a plan of God?
Such torturous unkind minded?
Denial had grown deep overruling his pain grinded
couldn’t they see death was freeing,
much better than the one he was living unbeing

It was not debatable if he can endure more
don’t be greedy, it’s not about you anymore
A tough decision was what awaited swore
to let go of him, to free him adoor
“I will see you soon” shackled him

Say goodbye now,
Over paradise coils and waterfalls
in between
grazing skies.

Jordan Meyers
Jordan Meyers

A fashion designer by profession but a writer by choice, Jordan loves to write about issues close to her heart. She loves to associate herself with relevant content and speak up when necessary but with valid points. Her first love is her pup, whom he named brown because he was brown. She wanted to call it just a dog. But that was too funny even for her.

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