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Each couple has its own legendary fairy-tale like no other. People who say that nothing is ever impossible as long as you put your heart and soul into what you are doing, have never apparently broken up. Freshly broken hearts don’t roll well with the after-tide of breakup and want to rush back into the arms of their majestic ex bidding goodbye to their self-respect. A likely reaction to a breakup is to do everything in your power to undo the damage. So, 10 ways to get back your ex or find someone even better seems like a good idea. 

The main reasons why you want your ex back is the same reason alcoholics take another drink when they’re already depressed and they know it’ll just make things worse: familiarity and habit are comforting. Also, it is simply challenging to un-love any person whom you loved so dearly.

Hey, I am not against the sweet concept of reconciliation. But I am allergic to the thought of putting your ex before your happiness. Therefore, I am going to help you venture into the wild again & do better so you can either have your ex back or find someone better because Breakups are like startups.

1. Cry your poor heart out.
Build a bridge over the tears, cross it, and move on because sulking and brooding are not going to crack the deal. You are at your sexiest when you’re heartbroken; you have this really powerful, glittering aura, a flattering shadow.

You emanate a profound “I don’t care” energy that’s more of detoxification.

Get out there. Make mistakes. We’ll all be dead soon. It’s not a big deal.

2. It is your cue to look smoking hot because why not!
You must religiously date yourself now. You carry this sexy, effortless, “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. And there is nothing more intoxicating than a woman who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her.

I don’t mean it in a made-up Instagram-meme, obnoxious, millennial way, but in a real way. Isn’t being sexy all about being your most authentic, raw self?

A breakup strips you of your protective outer shell and leaves you exposed to the rhythm of the magic.

3. Trust the power of the red luscious lips and the fire within your soul.
Be all about the colored lips because it’s bold and screams the confidence of a rock star.

4. Have a Bloody Mary good night.
Step out of your comfort zone and have a good time for your own sake because sometimes it pays to pace outside your comfort zone and discover something new.

It also signifies that you’re embracing change than struggling with it.

5. Enjoy your sense of humor.
Don’t feel sorry for the mean, awful & accurate things you said to your ex rather send a gift reminding them of the time you cared.

It will bring an evil smile to your face. Let them enjoy your sense of humor. Order one now.

6. Do better.
Sweetheart, you can only do better when the best part about you is, you and only you.

Start being picky with your partners as you are with your selfies now that your previous knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in an aluminum foil.

7. Get busy & pack your day with activity than sinking into depression & ruminating about the relationship. I would say the physical workout is the best bet. Clearing out the clutter around is also a good way to feel better. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and strength.

8. A fresh perspective on the relationship and yourself.
Do you know that it takes almost a month to form new neuropathways in one’s mind? Plan 30 days ahead and do everything that you have blown off.

You will reconnect and shit with yourself along with a fresh perspective on the relationship and yourself.

9. Breakups are like a heart-shattering trauma that can make you go back and forth from missing your ex to being angry.

Your aim here is to pair the things you will miss about them when they pop into your head with the things about them that you won’t miss.

10. Last, but not least, the genuine you are shining, baby, and it’s so refreshing. We’re fatigued of these sheltered, made up plastic mind-sets. We’re gluttonous for something more soulful. And your beautifully aggrieved soul is all you have when you’re heartbroken.

When you do finally get yourself a deep cleanse, naturally, it’s going to hurt! Just like how extracting blackheads hurts, mining a human being from your realm is one of the most painful ways possible. But it’s also the most life-changing thing that can happen to you.

You are left with this beautiful blank slate & gleaming glow to freshly cleaned skin. It might be a little puffed up, and it might be a little raw & real, but it’s gorgeous while it lasts.

P.S. You are meant to be greater, better, and brighter. Grow into a competition with Venus. Make sure to follow through with our 10 ways to get back your ex or find someone even better!

Eileen Dow
Eileen Dow

Eileen’s determination comes from 4 cups of French Vanilla from Timmy’s. With the experience of over 1.5 years in content creation, she smashes the edits like a ninja. She calls herself fluent in sarcasm, but we know she truly loves to edit and call out people on their mistakes. Politely.

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